Body Shop Tea Tree Primer

Body Shop Tea Tree Primer

I didn’t think it would happen in all honesty. I was pretty happy with the results of the other primers I’d been trying. But now that has all changed.

If you’ve read my Blog before you’ll know that I have trouble with my skin and breakouts. So when I saw this primer in The Body Shop I thought it was worth a go. As their Tea Tree range has always worked well for me.

The formula looks almost yellow in tone and feels like it melts into the skin, and isn’t at all silicone in texture. I’m not a fan of silicone feeling primers and I love this formula. I was a bit dubious at first as when applying it. It felt more like a serum than a primer.

How wrong I was!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer -

Love at first use

I’d been wearing other primers, but since I purchased this over a month ago, they’ve all become a memory. I even wear it on days where I’m not wearing makeup as I’ve found that I have fewer breakouts and am less oily when I use it. It’s a double-whammy product. Skincare for my acne prone skin and helps keep my makeup applying and looking better.

My makeup lasts better throughout the day, whether I use mineral or liquid foundation. My red marks left behind from breakouts have diminished, my skin feels moisturised throughout the day, and it has a cool refreshing feeling. Once it’s settled I can’t feel anything on my skin at all. It states that it helps diminish the appearance of pores and I find that it does on mine. However, I don’t have a big problem with my pore size. That, I think, depends on personal preference.

This one primer has changed how I feel about primers

It’s changed what I want from a primer too. Before I thought I just wanted something to help prolong the lasting power of my makeup that was covering problem areas. But now I want, and have, a primer that benefits my skin. This has become an essential part of my makeup collection and when I run out I will have to go back for more.

What The Body Shop say;

Our new Tea Tree Pore Minimiser makes pores look smaller. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, it creates a smoother surface, primes and mattifies, and leaves skin feeling fresh and pure.

  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Mattifies for a shine-free finish
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and pure
  • Ideal base for make-up

What I Say;


  • Tea Tree scent that disappears after application.
  • refreshing when applied
  • smooth texture
  • a little goes a long way
  • helps prolong the wear of my makeup (oily/combo skin type)
  • doesn’t cling to dry patches. Makes application easier over those areas.


  • simple and does the job
  • the design fits nicely in the brand’s range
  • travel/handbag friendly size
  • secure twist nozzle opening


£7.50 for 30ml.

Have you tried this primer? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for things I should try?