Soap and Glory Lid Stuff

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff

It seems that I have been rushing out the door and therefore been reaching for the products that require the least amount of thought. Especially when I haven’t had enough coffee that morning. Which is, of course, every morning. So, on these days I’ve been using this little palette that I got with some other Soap & Glory items in a 3 for 2 deal at Boots a few months ago. The Soap and Glory Lid Stuff.

I was thinking it might be a good option for an occasion just like this.

soap and glory lid stuff -

 My Favourite Way to Use it

soap and glory lid stuff inside -

How I typically wear each shadow…

I’ve found the colours are great for creating everyday looks. Whether I’m going to the very basic or a more smokey look. Each shadow is true to colour when swatched. They’re so soft, pigmented and buildable, and blends like a dream. I lightly place the brush on the shadow so that I don’t pick up too much and tap off any excess just in case. When I’ve been too heavy handed with the brush it can create fallout. The palette doesn’t normally look so clean. Little by little seems the key. I’ve found that eye primer really helps with locking the shadow into place.

The packing is very cute and fits the brand really well. It’s sturdy and even though I’ve dropped it many-a-time it isn’t showing yet.  So this would definitely be a travel must-have for me.  It’s the perfect minimal neutral shade palette. It doesn’t come with a brush or applicator, but that doesn’t bother me. To be honest, if I was without a brush I’d apply it with my fingers.

Final Thoughts

I know it says long-lasting, and it does last better than some eyeshadows I’ve tried, but I still like to wear an eye primer. You get three matte shades and one shimmery. But it hasn’t got chunky glitter that travels across your face. It’s like a satin finish and I think these shades would suit so many people. That was the reason I chose this palette in particular as I thought I’d get the most use out of it. Which I definitely have. I’d be interested in trying their other shadow pallets after this. They currently have three in total on the Boots website. ‘What’s Nude?’, ‘Smokey Dokey’ and ‘Off The Wallflowers’.

If I’d bought this outside of a deal it would be £10 on its own. Which seems quite a lot compared to other eyeshadow palettes on the high street.  But when I thought it worked out to approximately £2.50 a shadow it didn’t seem that steep considering the quality and the use I’ve been getting out of it.

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What’s been your most used makeup item this week?