E.L.F Eye Primer

E.L.F Eye Primer

I hope you’ve had a good week. I’ve been trying to find a makeup routine to make my makeup last all day, without having to take my entire collection with me. Which has meant some days with makeup halfway down my face by lunchtime once or twice.

 But one product I’ve now emptied is the Elf Cosmetics Eye Primer in Sheer. This stuff is great!

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How it worked for me

I use it alone, as an eyeshadow primer and also under my eyes. My shadow definitely lasts longer when I use it. Not all day, but I do have oily skin and normally find my eyeshadow has gone MIA pretty quickly without this primer. It has been one of the best that I’ve tried so far.
For under my eyes the colour also helps to balance out darkness and create a base that helps any concealer I apply on top last longer. Some I’ve tried have been too drying to use under my eyes But as long as I’ve remembered to use eye cream beforehand it works a real treat.

The packaging is simple and functional. Although it’s not transparent I could tell when it was coming to an end due to there being less on the wand and not having to remove the excess. The writing rubbed off pretty quickly as well. So at least I knew what it was by the colour of the tube.

I will definitely be getting this again.  I ordered this online from the ELF Cosmetics website and found the delivery was quick. It was my first order from them and I’ve since bought from them again and it’s been a breeze each time so far.

Have you tried this primer? What’s your favourite product to make your make up last as long as possible?