2015 Makeup Favourites

2015 Makeup Favourites

This year I discovered some new favourites and rediscovered some old ones. My makeup routine and needs have changed a lot this year. I’ve become a big fan of the more natural  ‘less is more’ look again. But I still have bad skin days and dark circles days.

2015 Makeup Favourites - lifebeautylens.com


(£8.50 for 40ml)

I love this BB cream for my pale, blemished skin. Fair I am not always blemished. But on the days when I am always reaching for this. I guess it’s because of the feeling of security I get from the Tea Tree aspect. The thought that it won’t make my skin worse like other bases can.

There are three shades in the collection that they say seamlessly blend into all skin tones. I can only speak for mine.

I am pale but not as pale as this looks like when I apply it to the back of my hand. It did concern me at first. I suddenly thought that I should have bought the Medium shade, even though I knew that it would have been too dark for me. However, it did and has changed to match my skin tone since I bought it.

I apply it and wait a few minutes before adding any blusher or bronzer. That way I don’t add a tonne of bronzer that I don’t need.

There was a strong smell when I first opened the tube the first few times and applied it to my face. But either the scent has gone or I don’t notice it anymore.

The semi-matte finish and texture of BB Cream are really lovely. It looks and feels like skin. Although I have oily/Combination skin I still like to apply moisturiser before all of my bases. It doesn’t have a negative effect on the BB Cream or its finish. I wish I’d had this when I was younger.


(£10 for 30ml)

I have a full dedicated review of this here but have used it underneath everything I’ve worn since I bought it. Whether it’s a full face of makeup or just the odd bit of concealer. I’m running very low now and keep thinking I should buy a backup.

Makeup Revolution Blusher

in NOW (£1)

It looked a bit scary in the packaging at first but it can be made sheer. It’s a lovely Rosy look that can be built up. It does tend to have fallout and excess on the brush but a light hand and a tap of the brush and you’re good to go. It does contain Talc but I’ve not had any problems with it.

I found that the best brush for me to use with it is a mineral brush. That way I pick up a little and it’s easier and quicker to blend. I would need to reapply later in the day depending on how strong I wanted the colour.

They’ve changed the packaging of this blush and it’s now only £1.


(£15 for 8ml)

Nowhere on the packaging can I see a Waterproof claim. But it is the best waterproof mascara that I’ve EVER used. And I’ve tried a lot. Even when they say they’re waterproof I can still look like a Panda five minutes later.

The one I have is a sample that came with a magazine. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest as I hadn’t heard a lot about it. I probably discounted it because I didn’t think I’d be able to wear it. So I’m so glad I tried it.

I used it on its own, or as a layer before non-waterproof mascaras, and it works a treat. Obviously, if I go rubbing my eyes you can tell. But other than that it stays put. Tears or rain at the end of the day it looks like it did when I applied it that morning. It’s still easy to remove as well.

It claims to be;

Intense jet-black colour.      Tick! 

No Smudging, crumbling or flaking.   Tick! (As long as you don’t rub your eyes very hard)

Water-Resistant.    Tick!

Easy-to-remove.     Tick!

I’ll be purchasing the full sized when this little beauty is all gone.

2015 Make up favourites - lifebeautylens.com



The applicator has to be my favourite of any primer I’ve used before. There’s a little cross section in the head where the product comes up, and the applicator is small enough to place the product all over my eyelid. You twist the bottom of the pen to release the product a little at a time. I don’t tend to waste this as often as I have with others because it clicks at the right time for the right amount of product.

It comes in one shade which I think is a bit limiting. Although they claim that it’s a universal shade I’m sure it would depend on what you’re personally looking for. It is a great base for shadows and covers any veins or uneven skin tone on my pale eyelids. So it could just be worn alone.

It keeps all of my eyeshadows in place for most of the day, but it also keeps it from shifting around my eyelid. So my eye makeup wears better throughout the day.

Nip + Fab CC EYE FIX 

(£9.95 for 1.8ml)

I like to use a highlighting concealer, or a tone correct when wanting to cover dark circles. I’ve tried a few and although they work they tend to crease or dry throughout the day, making me look far older than I am.

I tried this as I thought a skin care product might wear better. And it does. I wear this on it own some days and just touch it up later on. Which is easily done with the brush applicator and/or your finger. It has a simple twist bottom to release the product.

It can sometimes be a little pale for my skin when I don’t have terrible dark circles. But on those days, I layer it on top of a corrector and the colour is fine, and it wears well all day. It does come in only one shade.  So next time I might purchase the medium shade. But I love how it works and wears. It’s like a moisturiser and doesn’t dry out. You only need a little.


(£13 for 11g)

It may not look well used but believe me it is. It lasts so well and I love the honeycomb design of the powder. I have shade 01 but it comes in five shades. I’ve read from others that the palest shade is actually 02. So have a look at the shades to decide which is best for you.

I’ve found bronzer tricky in the past because of my skin tone. But this is a great matte shade. It’s easy to blend, you can build the colour up, and it lasts all day for me. It’s a good size to put in your makeup bag too.


(£14 for 3g)

At first glance, I thought the price was a bit steep. But I use so little at a time that I still have loads left. A little goes a long way.

The shade selection is limited but I find this is a great colour for camouflaging dark circles. I like to apply it with a dense concealer brush and then use the warmth on my ring finger to blend it out. It’s really helped improve my game when it comes to my dark circles.

The little glass jar feels substantial and I think that it fits in really well with the rest of the Pixi brand products.

Makeup Revolution ICONIC 3 PALETTE 


I’ve not written about this before because I’ve been playing with the colours all year. I love the shades to create different looks. You can go subtle or for a dark smokey eye.There’s  more fallout from the more glittery pink shade, (second from the left), but I’ve used every shade. Some more than others.

The packing could be better. It could be stronger, such as a tin container, and have the names written on it. I’ve managed to go back into the palette and pick a different shadow than I did the first time. I don’t use the applicator so I wouldn’t miss that.

It’s great value for 12 shades and I love the range of colours. You’ve got mattes and shimmers, and there aren’t big chunks of glitter.


 (Normally £9.99)

I picked this up from TKMAXX for only £5.99 but I would definitely have paid the £9.99 (12 Shades) on W7’s website. The shades are lovely, soft, and blend easily. They work well together and with other shadows.

When travelling this is my go-to palette. There is the possibility for a range of eye looks with the security of the great packaging. It’s not broken on me once and I’ve dropped it a fair few times. (Like I do.)

The tin case is a good size and when it’s shut I don’t worry about it opening of its own volition. It also has the names of the shades on the back of the case. Although I don’t have trouble picking the right shadow when applying my make up, as the shades are so different to each other. But still, it’s nice to have.

It comes with a brush and applicator. The brush I do use. It’s great for the inner corner. But I’d love it if they swapped the applicator side for a different brush.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to hear what your favourites were from the last year.