5 Time Travel Films

5 Time Travel Films

As I love a good list I thought I’d share 5 Time Travel Films with you.

We must have all felt at some time that we wanted to go back and do something over. To rectify an event, visit a by-gone era, or just experience a magical moment all over again.

Films are a fantastic medium for Time travel stories. Just look at Marty McFly. But instead of listing off films most people have seen more than a few times, I thought I’d share a few, or five, that you may have missed or forgotten about. I may have chosen a difficult genre as I don’t like giving away too much. Nevertheless, here we go.

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Peggy Sue got Married (1986)

This is not your typical time travel movie. There’s not scientist or device that transports Peggy to the past as you’ll see from the trailer.

Peggy Sue got Married is about a woman suddenly appearing back at her school and she sees the opportunity to make important changes She doesn’t want to make the same mistakes twice. That’s something I like about this genre. The events that make us who we are and what would happen if those events were erased. The implications.

The film is a fabulous mix of the comedic, the nostalgic and the serious. Kathleen Turner, Nicholas Cage, Jim Carrey, et al create great characters and Francis Ford Coppola’s execution makes this great viewing.

Predestination (2014)

This is a particularly difficult one to explain. I don’t want to give anything away to ruin it for you. But sufficed to say that the film you start watching is not the film you are watching in the last scene. A character-driven rollercoaster.

Sarah Snook gives an especially impressive performance alongside Ethan Hawk as he endeavours to hunt down a terrorist. I’m reluctant to say more about the plot. However, I don’t remember this film being publicised. I don’t know what the marketing was like but I’m, obviously, a massive film fan. The fact I didn’t hear must mean there was a lack of publicity for this film which I think is a disservice.

This is a great film that keeps you hooked and asking questions. As well as being entertaining. I highly recommend this film.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

You can tell from the first frame that Woody has a love for Paris. The opening sequence is beautiful shots of the city.

It’s satisfyingly nostalgic. I’d love to travel back to that time like Gil.

Gil (Luke Wilson) is an American Screenwriter who has “freeloaded” with his fiance Inez (Rachel McAdams) along with her Parents on a trip to Paris. One night, at Midnight in Paris, he discovers he is in the 1920’s. I enjoyed the fact that the audience caught on more quickly to this than Gil.

Aside from being aesthetically beautiful to watch the story and the characters are captivating. One of my all-time favourite films.

About Time (2013)

A young man is told that he can travel back in time. But without spoiling the plot, the main character is incredibly likeable. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone maliciously and is on a quest at the beginning to get a girlfriend. Domhnall Gleeson’s portrayal of Tim gets you on his side straight away, and his relationship with his Father (Bill Nighy) is heartwarming.

But this isn’t that simple. Like life, the film gets more complicated and there are twists and turns. The wide range of Curtis characters all add to the flavour and make a great and enjoyable watch. There’s laughs, surprises and tears.

The montage scene in the Underground station is brilliant and beautiful. Don’t let the posters and publicity fool you into thinking this is just a romance movie.

The Jacket (2005)

When I first saw this film I hadn’t seen any marketing or publicity for it. I did one of my favourite things and bought a film I knew nothing about. Often you can discover a real gem of a movie.

A dark, character-driven film that crisscrosses genres and features some names you may find familiar. Kris Kristofferson, David Craig, Keira Knightley and Adrian Brody to name a few.

I’m reluctant to give too much away as I would hate to ruin the story for you if you chose to watch it. But what I will say is that if you saw The Butterfly Effect (2004) and liked it, you may really like this.

Do you have a favourite time travel film? Comment below or send me a tweet!