5 German Language Films

5 German Language Films

I’ve always loved foreign film and especially after living in different countries. Good productions are not just limited to the English Language.  If you’ve read my recent post 5… Ways to Learn Languages you’ll know that I’m learning German and one of the tips I recommended was to watch films.

These are just a few films that I think you might like if you haven’t already seen them. Whether or not you’re learning German I would still recommend these if you’re looking for a good new film to watch at the weekend.

Der Untergang / Downfall (2004)

The film was well received with it premiered. It’s about the last days of the war when Hitler was in his Bunker in Berlin and a lot of the film is seen through the eyes of Hitlers last Secretary, Traudl Junge. With footage taken from the documentary Blind Spot (2001) the film features interview samples of the real Traudl Junge talking about what she saw.

The film is incredibly well made and the actors did a fabulous job. It can be hard to watch in places, obviously, but it is a brilliant WW2 film and well worth watching.

Die Kommenden Tage / The Coming Days (2010)

The plot centres around Laura and her family during these years of economic change. The world is at a turning point and emotions are running high. Food and oil are becoming scarce and the country is becoming a more dangerous place. But the personal drama takes centre stage.

Please forgive the trailer’s lack of English subtitles. But I just couldn’t find one. I bought the film on DVD after seeing the trailer and thought that the story looked compelling and it is. The DVD has subtitle options but I don’t think you necessarily need subtitles with the trailer to get what the film is about to some degree.

 Watch the trailer with this in mind to get a sense of the film if you don’t know a lot of German.

 Good Bye Lenin (2003)

After the Berlin Wall has fallen Alex must bring East Germany back-to-life just for his Mother after she awakens from a coma. He goes to great lengths to achieve this with heartwarming and funny results.

Showing how their family and daily lives have been changed by the wall, unlike The Lives of Others / Das Leben der Anderen (2006) which shows the serious implications of life behind the wall in East Berlin, Good Bye Lenin has a lighter tone and is about one family and their love for their Mother.

 Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter / Generation War (2013)

This was originally released as a short series or TV movie.  I know, I’m cheating a little bit here. But with all the films about World War Two, I wanted to include this controversial production.

The story is about five friends who are changed and whose lives are changed forever by the war. I haven’t seen many films that focus on the young German generation during this period.

When it was broadcast it started a discussion about the German guilt after the war. But if you take it as a fictional piece that is meant to get you thinking you’ll find it’s really enjoyable.

 Krabat and The Legend of The Satanic Mill (2008)

This fantasy-thriller is adapted from the book by Otfried Preußler. In the 1600’s after the Thirty Years War, the Black Death and Germany being plundered, Krabat ends up at The Mill to learn about magic. After being initiated into the society he learns the terrible truth about The Mill and The Master, from which he has no way out.


Have you seen any of these suggestions? What did you think? 

Are there any German-language films that you’d recommend watching? Please leave a comment below and share.