Mally Barely There Beauty

Mally Barely There Beauty

In March, I was given this Mally Barely There Beauty Collection by a lovely family member. They’d remembered me saying that I’d wanted to try it and bought it off QVC for me. I was tickled pink! I had heard great things about this cruelty-free brand, but I didn’t research the individual products before I used them purely so that I could experience them without any preconceived ideas.

The set is about natural, Barely There, beauty. From the box, I got the impression that the kit is for a quick makeup look that is very natural.

Mally Barely There Beauty -

The set is available in 5 different shades; Fair, Light, Medium, Rich and Tan. The only thing that changes is the foundation shade. I have the Light set which is a good match for me.

Volumizing Mascara

Mally says, “…incredibly lush lashes!”

Since I start my makeup routine with mascara I thought we’d begin with this. I am a bit of a tough customer when it comes to mascara. I have short, straight lashes and have even had trouble with some ‘waterproof’ mascara not lasting in the past. So, I wasn’t expecting this to work for me.

 Mally Barely There Beauty Volumizing Mascara -

However, that being said it lasted really well on me. So if you don’t have to worry about instantaneous panda eyes like me, then this could possibly work well for you.  It makes my lashes look bigger and longer and if it was waterproof this is all I’d wear on my lashes every day. Because they look better than if I wore false eyelashes but not over-the-top.

But as I’m not the ideal audience for this type of mascara I wear a thin coat of waterproof mascara under this. It holds the curl better and stops this from budging at all and giving me the same look. The formula isn’t too wet and dries well without clumping on me. Whether worn alone or on top of a waterproof base.

Perfect Prep Poreless Primer

Mally says, “…primed skin that glows…”

I instantly loved this primer. It sets quickly and feels like a moisturiser. It feels like a mousse and just a little goes a long way. It’s great for days when I have either dry or combination skin. I haven’t tested it in the warmer weather yet so I can’t say anything yet about its oil control. But I’ll update you on here and/or on my Instagram.

 Even on days when I haven’t worn this primer on my face (if I’m having a bad skin day) I’ve been wearing it around my eyes every time I wear makeup. My makeup sits better and looks better for longer. Especially on drier skin areas. It has become a staple in my makeup routine.

Mally-Barely-There-Beauty-Primer -

It claims to have a glow and I’d say it does a little and the pink hue also brightens the complexion and under eye a little which I like. But I don’t see a hint of glitter.

I’ve tried it under this foundation, other liquid foundations, BB Creams, and Concealer. It works well under all of them without a problem. Smoothing over areas I want it to.

The jar looks lovely on the dresser. It is large for travelling but I think the formula would lend itself to being put into a container for that purpose. So I don’t see it as a problem. I’m so glad I’ve tried this primer. It’s a game changer for me.

Poreless Perfection Foundation

Mally says, “…even coverage…”

I have not had the best experience with compact foundations so I was a little wary of trying this. But those concerns were blown out of the water once I’d used it the first time. Using the brush I got an even complexion without looking as if I was caked in makeup. Both with very little product and very little effort. The sponge it came with is great for getting more coverage and I use that in certain areas and under the eyes to help combat dark circles.

I even use it as a setting powder with cream foundations and concealers.

Mally barely There Beauty Foundation Packaging -

It didn’t dry out my skin and the foundation looks like I have barely touched it. There isn’t fallout from the pan, I never get too much product and the packaging is fantastic for keeping in my bag for touch-ups on the t-zone and around my nose. I was surprised at how much I like this.

On areas of very dry skin, I apply more primer and less foundation. I love it for everyday wear and look forward to testing it out in the Summer months. For my Oily/Combination skin, I’m loving it.


Mally says, “…foundation brush for expert application”

Great for a light application of the foundation it’s also great for keeping in the makeup bag for touchups. The brush itself is dense and soft. It picks up the powder beautifully and blends the product easily.

I have had some brush hairs fall out and sick to my face a few times. But I’ve noticed that it occurred more often at the beginning when the brush was brand new. Now, after using it so much that happens less and it wasn’t terrible when it did happen.

Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Timeless Taupe

Mally says, “…soft natural shades…”

This twist-up shadow stick is really creamy and is lovely to apply to the lids. The shade is lovely and is so easy to apply and blend. I used it with and without eye primer and it wore well without primer. I, however always have to wear an eye primer if I want any eye product to stay put and not disappear. So I prefer to wear a primer underneath. But it doesn’t make the colour appear any stronger to me. So I think it works well for all skin types in that sense.

It is incredibly pigmented!

 Mally Barely There Beauty Shadow Stick in Timeless Taupe -

For an everyday look, I apply very little and use my finger or a brush to blend it out. I can see why they didn’t change the shadow stick with the foundation shade because I can see this working for so many different skin tones.

It’s great for keeping in your bag for a quick day to night look as well. If you wanted to buy more of these it’s available in almost 20 different shades.

Mally Barely There Beauty Swatches - Timeless Taupe Eye Stick - Barely Bloomed lip Crayon -

Lip Crayon in Barely Bloomed

You may try this and wonder why they’ve named it Barely. Because it is so pigmented that I got a strong look the first time I applied it. I was heavy handed the first time I wore this and have worn it with a lighter hand ever since.  It’s a lovely shade and you can get it a lighter or deeper colour than the swatch. So it’ll be great for the move into Autumn/Winter.

The formula is creamy and comfortable on the lips and I can’t smell much of a scent.

 Mally Barely There Beauty Lip Crayon Barely Bloomed -

The packaging. The twist up crayon-like design. It’s great for not needing to sharpen it and great for keeping it safe in your bag. When mine was delivered the bullet was stuck inside the lid. I got it out without a problem but I do on occasion still find it in the lid. That’s a little niggle really and I’m sure doesn’t happen to everyone. But I had to mention it.

Cosmetics Bag

Mally says, for “…mommas-on-the-go”

Great size, soft, easy to clean and perfect for my bag every day. It was £49 from QVC UK which I think is a great deal when you consider the price of each individual item added together. If I’d purchased the Foundation and brush together that would currently be £37.02 alone on the QVC website. This is a great set to try out the brand.

 Mally Barely There Beauty Makeup Bag -

If you’re in The US you can purchase from their website. For those of us in The UK, we can purchase it from QVC. All their shipping information is available on their website. Including ingredients lists. 

Have you tried this kit or any other Mally makeup? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links. Full Disclaimer.)