Spring Edit MakeUp

Spring Edit MakeUp

I like to change things up with the seasons and when it comes to my Spring Edit for makeup I always think of a fresh finish and adding colour. These are some of my tried and tested favourites that I find myself reaching for over and over. They aren’t the only items I reach for, but they are a great representation of what I like when Winter is over.

If you’ve been reading the Spring Edit series you’ll be aware of the theme. So far, I’ve written about Spring Skincare, my Spring Nail faves and What I love about Spring. Today’s Spring Edit is Makeup.

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Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

in Beige 02 (£22.55 for 40ml)

I’ve been a fan of this base for a few years now in the warmer months and I use so little that it lasts for ages. Even when my skin used to be more oily than it seems to be now. It does say that it is suitable for all skin types and I can see why.

It’s is sheer but you can build up the coverage a little. I tend to on certain areas and not all over for a more natural look. I’m not a fan of looking like I am caked in makeup and this takes away the worry as I can be quite heavy-handed on occasion.

The finish is quite dewy and fresh which I enjoyed and even enjoyed when my skin was more oily. If I wanted a more matte appearance I just applied a light dusting of powder on top.

The SPF15 made it perfect for Summer or when I went to sunnier climbs. For what feels a lot like a BB cream I think that the SPF is vital. They state that the formula is “rich and creamy, yet lightweight…”. I’d definitely agree. I use either a brush or my fingers to apply it and it’s really easy to work with.

What first attracted me to this product was the skincare benefits as well as it being makeup. Liz Earle products tend to be so gentle on my sensitive skin. I’ve worn it on bad skin days and found my skin soft and breakouts sometimes calmed down when I wash it off at the end of the day.

This represents the type of base that I prefer when the weather is better. I can find this particular shade to be a little too dark for me at the beginning of the season. It can take a while for the Sun to start shining in England. But I can just sheer it out and work it with.

MUA Cosmetics Bronzer

in Shade 3 (£1)

This matte finish bronzer would appear to be too dark for my skin. And you’d be right if I went full throttle. But a light hand does the trick. I like to use bronzer to add colour to my pale skin so something a bit deeper than my Honey Bronzer by the body shop is great for the warmer season. A light application around the face, or the cheeks and nose, I’m ready. You could use this for contouring as it’s so easy to work with.

The formula is super soft and easy to blend. Without a hint of orange or a scent to it. There used to be the MUA logo embossed on the powder. But it disappeared over time.

The packaging is nice and simple and does the job. It’s lightweight and thin so it fits nicely in your bag and great for travel. For £1 I was really impressed.

MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

in Pink Shimmer (£3)

Highlighting or strobing is something I get more into during Spring and Summer. Whether it’s  a cream or a powder it adds a healthy glow without full-on glitter everywhere This particular shade is lovely on the skin and I think a lot of different people could wear this shade quite easily.

I apply it to the high points of the face or places I want to highlight. Such as the brow bone, above the cheekbone and the inner corner of the eye. It’s lovely when it catches the light. I’ve had many a compliment when I’ve worn this particular highlighter.

When I first got this it looked quite intimidating. But the product has never broken on me or had any fallout. It’s not easy to apply too much but it is easy to build up and blend. I tend to apply it with a fan brush. The pattern on the product is really pretty and looks more high-end and luxurious. I’ve used this a lot but you wouldn’t be able to tell.

I’m not a fan of the packaging. Yes, you can see the product and it’s lightweight and slim. But the hinge and the opening I think would be better swapped around in size. The hinge broke pretty soon after I bought it and I believe it is too weak for its purpose. It would be great if they changed that aspect of it. Besides that though I don’t have any complaints.

Sleek Blush Palette

in Pink Lemonade (£9.99)

ICING SUGAR (Deeper shade) / MACAROON (Middle) / PINK MINT (Lighter shade)

Blush is always fun during Spring for me. I feel as if I can be a bit more adventurous and I love to use cream blushes. Both to wear alone and to wear underneath a powder blush for longer wear.

Icing Sugar is quite good for the other seasons but I prefer to wear it in for Spring/Summer due to the shimmer. Both Icing Sugar and Pink Mint have shimmer. Pink Mint more so, with a frosty-like finish. Up close I can see little flecks of glitter but nothing much. With a very light hand, they can both be used as a highlight. They wear really well, are very pigmented and easy to blend and build.

The cream blusher in the middle is incredibly pigmented and soft and creamy in texture. I like to use a small stipple brush to pick up the product and apply to the cheeks. A little goes a long way so I add a little at a time.

It almost has a matte finish and lasts really well on the skin. I like to layer this under the other blushes in the palette to create different looks.

I think it’s great value for the money and they have multiple blusher trios to choose from for every skin tone and preference.

The packaging is great. There’s a lovely big mirror that I’ve used for a full face of makeup before it’s so good. The palette is lightweight, slim and easy to clean. It’s great to store away with my other palettes and to put in my makeup bag.

E.L.F Cosmetics Conditioning Lip Balm

in Peaceful Pink (£4.50)

The lip products I’m reaching for are getting brighter and this is great on its own or underneath another lip product. Because of the name, I thought that this would be super moisturising. But it wasn’t as moisturising as I expected. It is a soft and creamy texture and it does feel nice of the lips. But if my lips a dry I’ll wear a lip balm underneath this.

I apply it with a lip brushes the colour is bright and it is so pigmented. But if I’m out and about I’ll use my finger. The warmth of your skin helps sheer out the colour. Which is lovely when reapplying throughout the day as it leaves a slight stain on the lips.

The smell is delicious! It smells like a Summer holiday. I want to say coconut but as I don’t tend to like coconut I’m not so sure. Because I love the scent of this.

There are four shades to choose from on the site. From a subtle neutral shade to this and another pink shade to a deeper shade.

The SPF 15 is something I don’t always see one lip product. But should really be standard. As the skin is delicate and somewhere not everyone remembers to apply sun protection.  It’s lovely in the summer too because of this. It’s like a two in one! I might have to treat myself to one of the other shades.

The packaging looks nice and it works. The little plastic shield inside is great for when it’s hot. Because I don’t have to worry about the product melting and going all over the place inside the container. It’s big, but it looks nice and is very secure. I sometimes think it might be better in a tin or small glass container with a shield inside.

What are your favourite makeup products to switch to for Spring?

If you would like to know more about the tools I use with this makeup just let me know in the comments below or via my social media. I’ll be happy to write about them.

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were bought with my own money.)

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