5 Great 80’s Movies

5 Great 80’s Movies

Choosing to limit my self to just 5 Great 80’s Movies was a challenge, to say the least. But it was fun rediscovering old favourites. I might just have to do more of these kinds of posts. Let me know if you’d like that in the comments.

Heathers (1988)

 This dark comedy became an instant favourite with me when I watched it for the first time. It was really difficult to find a trailer that didn’t give everything away. But sufficed to say that this film is full of memorable dialogue, dry wit, and has a stylish aesthetic.


Veronica (Winona Ryder)  has become friends with the most popular girls in school, The Heathers, but she doesn’t like who she is becoming. J.D (Christian Slater) arrives at the school to the same cliques he’s seen in his many other schools. After having an instant connection they end up trying to change the norm with murderous consequences.


If it wasn’t for the brilliantly written comedy this would be a very dark film. But the balance of both makes it really enjoyable to watch. Over and over.

It may have a lot of 80’s references. But that doesn’t mean it’s dated in any way. They’ve even made this into a stage production in recent years.

Legend (1985)

Ridley Scott’s Legend is about the epic balance between good and evil.

Jack (Tom Cruise) is a child of the forest and has fallen in love with Princess Lilly, who loves escaping the palace to visit the forest.

Darkness (Tim Curry) wants to kill the Unicorns. The purest creatures in his effort to eradicate the light, take control and throw the world into darkness. Tim Curry steals the show in this memorable performance.

This might not be the best trailer to show you how great this film is. But trust me, it’s a feast for eyes.

Tron (1982)

Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a computer hacker who’s had his work stolen from him by his previous employer and he’s out to find the evidence.

Well, that’s how it starts. But the master computer isn’t going to let him do this and abduct Flynn into the digital realm. Forcing him to play deadly games till he dies, Flynn has to try to escape with the help of a computer programme called Tron.

The special effects may not have aged well. But I bet this was exciting when it was released. I don’t remember seeing many films like this when I was a kid.

However, I like the nostalgic element of the special effects. The story is what is compelling and made this a modern classic.

Batteries Not Included (1987)

A corporate giant is trying to remove the tenants of a building so that they can demolish it. From an Artist to a former boxer, to the adorable Elderly couple who run the Diner downstairs, they are the remaining tenants who the corporation hasn’t been able to buy out. They are making a stand. Albeit a seemingly losing one.

When the hired thug the company has employed decides to take things in a more violent direction two kind alien’s take shelter in the building. Bringing the tenants closer together and helping them in their efforts to keep their home.

Produced by Steven Spielberg this is a heartwarming, yet dark story with brilliantly written characters.

Labyrinth (1986)

How could I do this post and not include Labyrinth?

I loved this as a kid and now. When I was small I did find a lot of this quite scary. But I still watched it repeatedly from beginning to end. Even then I found David Bowie’s portrayal of Jareth the Goblin King dark and compelling. Bowie was fantastic in this film and I know I’m not alone in feeling that way.

The premise is that after a throwaway wish for The Goblin King to take her baby brother Toby, Sarah has 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth and rescue him. Or he’ll become a Goblin forever.

If you think this is a musical after watching the trailer and feel put off, don’t be. The music and singing are expertly mastered to seamlessly work within the film.

 What are some of your favourite 80’s movies? Which decade shall I do next? Or should I do another post about the 80’s?

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