Empties 1 May 2016

Empties 1 May 2016

I really like reading Empties post and watching the videos on YouTube. As it really gives you a sense of how much the person really liked it. Or not.


Mask of Magnaminty

I had heard a lot of good things about this mask before I ordered it. I’d looked online, read reviews and spoken to other bloggers in Twitter chats who all swore this was the best mask going. Even for sensitive skin like mine.

However, it didn’t work for me and here’s why.

Firstly you should know that I have oily/combination skin that is prone to break-outs. Although my skin has started to get drier in the last year.

The mask has an exfoliating effect as you apply it due to the Aduki Beans, and it does dry as you wear it. I’ve learnt over time that my skin doesn’t like manual exfoliators as they are too abrasive for me. I’ve also learnt since that my skin doesn’t like masks that dry and I think these factors are what aggravated my skin the most and didn’t make me the suitable demographic for this to work like it did for others.

 Saying that I liked the smell and my skin did feel soft after using it. You get a massive amount which is great considering that it is a self-preserving mask and meant to last awhile.

I bought the 125g tub for £5.95. But I wish they’d had a smaller option for trying these sorts of products so you can test it out to see if you like it.

However, if you are the right skin type for this and love it they also sell a larger 315g tub for £9.95.

Sadly, this just didn’t work out for me. Not that it’s put me off trying more of Lush’s products as I’ve loved the majority of what I’ve tried in the past and present. They’ll be more Lush Review posts in the future.


Empties 1 Post May 2016 - LifeBeautyLens.comFirst Aid Beauty 

Facial Radiance Overnight Mask

Trying to find skin care I like for my nightly routine has been difficult over the years. I want something to moisturise my skin. But previously creams have been too rich for me and I wake up to breakouts.

When I first tried this on a whim I felt the rich and thick texture and considered that this might be the case with this product. However, the almost gel-like consistency gave me hope. It felt luxurious to apply and my skin soaked it up. The next morning I had soft and smooth skin without a breakout in sight.

However, the almost gel-like consistency gave me hope. It felt luxurious to apply and my skin soaked it up. The next morning I had soft and smooth skin without a breakout in sight.

I’ve loved this so much that I’ve used up two of these containers. It is sold as being ideal for all skin types and I can see why they claim that. I think that the formula is great for my combination skin and I’ll be repurchasing it in the future.

I bought mine from BeautyBay.com for £28 for 50ml. It lasted for a long time and was well worth the money for me.

The Body Shop 

Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil

I’ve just started my fifth bottle of this stuff so it’s fair to say that I love it. In the store, I thought, “Oil? On Oily skin?”. But it really helps treat my skin overnight without making it oily and breaking me out. It has become part of my nightly skin routine and I don’t like being without it. I’ve tried.

I can see and feel a big difference in my skin when I use this and my face doesn’t feel tight like it can sometimes, especially in the Winter. It is also the only product I’ve been using around my eyes at night because it’s so good.

My skin feels like it has quenched its thirst. It’s smoother and it helps combat any dry areas.

You’re probably thinking, “How many products does she use at night?”. But I will say that I alternate each night with either this or the FAB Overnight Mask. Depending on the season and the condition of my skin.

At £15 for 28ml it isn’t the cheapest skin care product and even though I try to use as little as possible it doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to. However, I haven’t found anything to replace it. So it’s been worth it for me.

The thing I’m not a fan of is the packaging. The oil over time degrades the outside of the packaging and I  end up pouring any remaining product into my hand.

This Works 

Sleep Balm & Stress Less

They say that the aromatherapeutic benefits help you unwind and enjoy a good nights sleep and the sleep collection has really helped me with sleeping in the last few years. They help me fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper for longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. Rather than constantly looking at the clock.

During ill health, I struggled with anxiety and was unable to fall asleep properly. This balm is recommended for applying to your pulse points, such as your wrists, and on a turbulent plane journey when being ill and anxious I found this really helpful.

Breathing it in and using relaxation exercises it helped keep me calm and relax me. It was, of course, not a cure but an aid. I like applying the balm before the This Works Stress Less roll-on so that it lasts longer. But it’s also great to melt between your fingers and apply to a pillow if you haven’t got the spray of the roll-on to help you.

This little tub has been brilliant for keeping in my bag and I’ve used up two of these already. They last for ages and are well worth the £12 (for 10g) for me to keep repurchasing them.

The Stress Less roll-on is great for applying to your wrists, or a tissue to help you relax and settle into a good night’s sleep. This sturdy little package is perfect for travelling or keeping in your bag.

This is also £12 for 10ml and lasts really well. Considering how much you use it as everyone’s needs are different. I’ve already repurchased this countless times and now I’m feeling better I don’t use it as often. But it still works like a charm.


Glycolic Fix Serum

Since I was loving the Pixi Glow Tonic (Review Here) so much I wanted to try this serum and see if I was as happy with it. This has 1% less glycolic. But I figured that as I’d be wearing it overnight that it may be for that reason.

I love it. I’ve just purchased my second bottle. In the morning, my skin feels very smooth and after using it for some time I could see a positive difference in my skin’s texture.

I only use it at night as recommended and avoid my eye area. Its gel consistency feels cool upon application and I wait for it to dry before using the FAB overnight mask or The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-oil.

At £14.95 for 30ml it doesn’t sound like a lot. But I only use one and a half pumps each time and it lasts for quite a long time. So I’m happy with that.

The packaging does the job and the pump makes it hygienic and easy to use. But you can’t see how much you have left which is a pain.

Makeup Revolution 

Blusher in Now

Makeup Revolution Blush in Now - Empties #1 May 2016 - LifeBeautyLens.com

Before I dropped it…oops

 Okay. Yes, there is still product in here but I won’t be using it again. I mean look at it! And considering it only costs £1 I won’t be messing about with alcohol to try and fix it. If anything, it’s a good excuse to go out and treat myself to another blush, isn’t it.

Anyway, back to the review. This is super pigmented. I like to barely touch it with the brush and go back for more. A little goes a long way which I think it brilliant. It blends well and adds a lovely flush of colour that lasts all day. It’s great quality for the very little money.

Makeup Revolution’s Now Blush on Superdrug

I hope that you’ve found this information helpful. If you have any questions about comments you can leave them down below in the comments section. Or alternatively, you can find me all over the Web via the links on my Contact Me page.