Lush Lip Care – Mint Julips Scrub and Whipstick Balm

Lush Lip Care – Mint Julips Scrub and Whipstick Balm

As someone who was on the lookout for cruelty-free lip care products, I just had to try the Lush Lip Care – Mint Julips Scrub and Whipstick Balm.  I’ve always used lip balms and even more so in the colder months. I chose these two items as I thought they might go well together.

Lush Lip Care - Mint Julips Scrub and Whipstick Balm - CU-

Mint Julips Lip Scrub

When I went to buy this there were three varieties to choose from. Popcorn, Bubblegum and this. All of which are Vegan. I thought I’d go with the one that sounded fresh.

I was instantly impressed with the amount that I got for the price. When you only need to use a small amount to get a decent effect and it’s lasting me ages.

Both the smell and taste are fresh and the sugar granules are big enough to do a proper job of smoothing the skin. You can either lick it from your lips or wipe your mouth with a tissue after you’ve used it. Whichever you prefer.

My lips don’t feel irritated or dry at all after using this but I still like to use a lip balm. It’s great for treating your lips or in preparation for a bold or matte lip colour. I actually used it to remove the stain from a red lipstick at Christmas and it worked a treat.

The glass container is more eco-friendly than plastic and I really appreciate that.

This sweet pot of sugar is £5.50 for 25g .


Ingredients: Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Extract, Tagetes Oil, Peppermint Oil Limonene

 Lush Lip Care - Mint Julips Scrub and Whipstick Balm - Inside -

Whipstick Lip Balm

This itty bitty tin carries a big punch and lasts for ages. Great for £6.95/12g. A little goes a long way and the consistency is perfect for soothing dry lips. Leaving a smooth and slightly glossy effect with a hint of a tint. Perfect for your bag.

It’s great alone or to prep the skin for another lip product. I like to use this after the Mint Julips Lip Scrub. Mint and Chocolate – you can’t go wrong. It’s described as a chocolate orange flavour. But I’d say it’s more chocolate than orange in case that bothers you.

This was my favourite during the colder months. But as it’s warming up I’d love to try their Key Lime Pie lip balm (Vegan). There are so many to choose from that are either Vegetarian or Vegan.

I love how Lush is so thoughtful about their packaging and materials that they use. This would be a great container to depot the remainder of a lipstick in.

It has been great for when it’s hot as I haven’t had to worry about the lip balm melting and making a mess in my bag. If it has been hot though I just leave it to cool before opening it again. Just in case it has melted a little.

The only thing I’d like to be different about this is the SPF. There isn’t any and I think that’s something quite important me.

So Lush, if you could look into this that would be great. I’d be the first at the till.

But other than that one detail I couldn’t fault this product.


Ingredients: Fair Trade Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Beeswax, Clear Honey, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dark Chocolate, Glycerine, Organic Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil, Flavour, Oatmeal, Tangerine Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Cocoa Absolute, Limonene and Linalool.

Thank you for reading. I hope it’s been helpful.

Have you tried any of the other scrubs or lip balms from Lush? 

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