The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection

The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection

I’ve been a fan of The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection for years and out of the current 13 products in the range, I have tried 11. I have found this range great over the years for my Oily/Combination skin. Especially as a teenager.  Stay tuned to the end of the post where I provide swatches of everything.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection - bb cream - Moisturiser - Primer -

 Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

Moisturisers have always been a tricky purchase for me. If they’re rich or drying then they can both break me out. But I still want my skin moisturised.

I would have loved this year round when I was a teenager and my skin was at it’s most difficult. It really does feel as if it’s controlling oil production on my skin and wears really well under makeup as well.

It feels soothing and moisturising but then quickly absorbs into the skin leaving the skin looking more matte. But it doesn’t reduce the skin to where you look like a Robot.

As I’ve become a bit older I find this great when for my skin is being temperamental or during the Summer, but not suitable for my skin in the colder months. I even use it nowadays as a spot treatment. I don’t apply it to my eyes though as I find it too drying.

I can see why this product is a Best Seller on their website. At £9 I hoped I’d be getting a good deal for 50ml. The fact a little goes a long way and that it works means that for me it is.

Pore Minimiser

I am on my fifth tube of this primer I love it so much. I dedicated a Previous Post to this beauty where I went into detail and said:

“This one primer has changed how I feel about primers.”

I don’t find this drying one bit but I do find that it helps my makeup last longer, go on better and help with any troublesome skin underneath. Even on dry skin.

If I’m having a bad skin day I’ll apply this to my face after moisturising. Its gel consistency makes it feel more like a skincare product than makeup and I even wear this on no-makeup days to control oil and/or help with any breakouts.

At £8.50 I consider this a bargain. I’m convinced it’s gone up in price from £7 something since I first started buying it. But I still keep repurchasing it because I love using it so much.

BB Cream

This is quite a thick consistency which may sound strange for a BB cream but it just means that you only need to use a little each time. Not like the first time I used it and applied too much. That wasn’t a good look.

This comes in three shades but it adjusts once it’s been applied. As you’ll see from the swatch. I leave it a few minutes before applying any other makeup on top.

It’s one of the best BB creams I’ve found for my pale, oily/combination skin and well worth the £8.50 price tag. It’s lasted me ages.

This used to be my everyday base. But as I was running out I only used it on troublesome skin days and found that I loved the result. My skin seemed to have calmed down by the end of the day (making sure that I wasn’t wearing my makeup for too long).

Evening out my skin, feeling comfortable and wearing well all day. I love this stuff.

I wrote a lot more about this in my 2015 Favourites.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection - Mask - Blemish Gel -

Face Mask

What I found exciting about this mask when I first bought it was that it didn’t dry. I kept trying out face masks, especially clay ones, that dried and then, in turn, dried my skin out. That caused its own set of issues and my skin didn’t forgive me.

 I am currently on my second or third container of this mask. I use this a face mask and a spot treatment because it treats my skin without drying it out and creating dry patches or more breakouts. I can normally tell when it’s time to wash it off because the mask turns into a darker green. I’ve been told that I look like I’m turning into the Hulk.

I loved this £11 face mask so much that I dedicated a Previous Post to this green tub. I bang on about it so much that even my friends have tried it and loved it. I have a container from before they changed the packaging and made it look a lot nicer.

Blemish Gel

Spot treatments as you can tell have been something I’ve been using for years. But finding a good one is difficult. When I bought this £6.50 Blemish Gel I thought that the tea tree in a gel formula would work out well.

But this just didn’t for me. There were a few things really.

The gel was fine and dried down okay but I wouldn’t use it during the day as it would dry out after a few hours and look horrid under makeup or like dry flaky skin when I wasn’t wearing any. Not my kind of look.

The packaging. The doe foot applicator felt unhygienic to use on a blemish and then put back in the container. I also couldn’t get a lot of the container and couldn’t see how much I was using as it isn’t transparent. Making me feel as though I hadn’t got £6.50’s worth of product.

But the big thing was that it didn’t make any difference to my blemishes. It wasn’t powerful enough. So I won’t be buying this again myself.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection - Swatches -

Have you tried anything from the Tea Tree range? What did you think? Everyone’s skin and preferences are different. Did you find any of these products worked or didn’t work for your skin?