What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag

With the Seasons changing, I wanted to show you What’s in my bag at the moment.  With mini reviews and swatch’s to boot.

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Boots – Banish the Kink £2.50

I normally have very thick hair and a lot of it. So using a traditional hair tie can cause pain or not even hold it up. So, when I started using Invisibobbles when they came out I was so happy with them. Yes, they stretched over time and relatively quickly with the amount of hair that I had. But they didn’t hurt my head and left fewer kinks in my hair.

However, since then many companies have brought out their own versions of the Invisibobble and Boots has ‘Banish the Kink’.

These work exactly the same way. Except you get 4 for £2.50 rather than 3 for £3.75. Making them about 63p each rather than £1.25 each. So result!

If you follow me on social media then you may be aware that my hair fell out, due to ill-health, in December 2015. Since it has started to grow back, what is able to go into a hair tie isn’t back to it previous thickness or strength. So you can understand that I’m being very careful to look after it.

I find that these help me tie it up comfortably and seemingly more gently.

Prarie Charms

The two other hair ties came from a Prairie Charms box that I bought a while ago. They are a cloth-like fabric with some stretch but they haven’t become unusable whatsoever. I’d love to get more of these. They’re about $12 on their website which is about £8.32 (As I write this) for three hair ties. Which I’d normally think was expensive for hair ties to be honest. Although, as these are lasting so well I’m going to look into getting some more. As if they consistently last as well as they are for me now, then it doesn’t work out expensive in the long-term.

Prarie Charms‘s Website lists its prices in US Dollars, although they ship from inside The UK. They say in their FAQs that this will be adjusted as you pay with PayPal. Which is what happened when I ordered the box from them previously. They also ship outside of the UK and the US.


The Library of Fragrance

If you read my previous posts mentioning The Library of Fragrance, Moonbeam Review and Library of Fragrance, you’ll know how much I love their fragrances. Cruelty-free, Vegan-friendly and great quality I’m a sucker now whenever I see another of their interesting scents.

I bought this bottle of Mango from TKMAXX for £7.99 instead of the usual £15 I’ve paid before. (Or the 2 for £25 offer Boots has frequently.)What I will say though is that there were only three scents in store at the time and most were broken. Mine doesn’t always have a lovely mist effect like the others in my collection. It seemed to me that they were not Library of Fragrances’ usual quality. So, perhaps that’s why they were £7. But it was still a deal I couldn’t pass up as my previous favourite for summer, Peach is running very low. So, I wanted to replace it with a different fruity fragrance.

This is no different to what I expected. It smells just like fresh mango and works really well with their another Library of Fragrance Cologne I have, Rain.

I counted the other day and realised that I have six currently in my collection ranging from Thunderstorm to Moonbeam. There’s normally a fragrance in my bag from them as I find them so easy to carry around and like to reapply throughout the day.


A couple of years ago you couldn’t go on Instagram without seeing one of these. I bought mine from the Duty-free at the airport. Although I’m sure you can get one or one similar online.

There’s a hole at the bottom that you place onto the perfume bottle (once you’ve removed the spray top) and then put in as much as you need. It’s great for travel or keeping in your bag.

To clean it you just fill a spritz bottle with warmish water and do the same as you would when filling it up. Then spray it out till the Travalo is empty.

I don’t normally have two fragrances in my bag. I recently travelled North to visit some friends for a weekend of special occasions and wanted to have the option of two fragrances. Which is why I have it in my bag.


Whats in my bag - Face Defender & Essence Lipsticks - LifeBeautyLens.com

Evercolour Poreless Face Defender

I bought this from QVC UK the other week when Mally was in town. I’d heard things about this from EmilyNoel83 on YouTube and when I saw it I knew I’d have to try it out. I’m not always a fan of powdering throughout the day. Even if I do have oily/combination skin.

On the website, they say that it

“Diffuses the appearance of pores and fine lines and locks your makeup in place”.

I’ve been trying this out and as the weather is getting better I’m excited to see if it really does what they say. I’d love not to have to powder. All year round but especially in the summer months.

I’ll let you know in a later post how it’s working out. But sufficed to say that I’m enjoying it at the moment and trying it out with different products etcetera.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer

I wrote about this in more detail in ‘Great Makeup for £2 and under?‘. I don’t like to leave the house without this in case I want to touch up my concealer during the day. 

Real Techniques Foundation Brush from the Core Collection

Although this is called a foundation brush I think it’s far too small to apply foundation to my face. But it is great for under the eye. I like to use this with the Essence concealer and that’s why I keep it in my bag. It’s the only brush I have in my bag at the moment. As I’m trying the Mally Face Defender out.

Lip Products


Ultimate Performance Lip Shellac

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram,  you’ll have seen me buy the Mally TSV on QVC UK recently. Which I’ll be reviewing in a separate post soon. But I’ve been trying out the Lip product from the set and keeping it in my bag with my other everyday lip products. To make sure I give it a proper testing out.

So far I’m loving it. Except to say that less it more. After applying far too much the first time I have been removing most of the product from the applicator and found it works brilliantly for me. I was clearly just too excited at first and smothered it on.

The colour is lovely for any time of year and working well with other lip liners and lipsticks that I have.


Sheer & Shine Lipstick in All About Cupcake


Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty

After trying out the essence lip pencils, mentioned next, I wanted to try out different finishes of their lipsticks.

The sheer and shine lipstick is exactly that. So it’s easy to apply without a mirror.

The Long Lasting Lipstick is a lovely Mauve shade. It doesn’t last all day and it does wear away when you’re eating and drinking. But it wears really well, with a slightly matte finish, and wears off evenly.

Both of the formulas are soft, creamy and moisturising. They’re so easy to wear and I keep them in my bag because they’ve become everyday faves.

Essence Lip Liners

I bought them before the lipsticks as at the time the Wilkos I was in didn’t have a great selection. I have worn them alone and under other lipstick brands and love how easy they apply and wear. They last well and leave a stain at the end of the day. But wear off evenly.

The formula is pigmented, creamy and moisturising. As they go so well with other lip colours I like to keep them in my bag so that I always have them to hand.

Did you catch Tuesday’s post? #LifeBeautyLens Great Makeup for £2 & under? @essence_cosmetics

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Whats in my bag - Swatches - Mally Cherry Blossom - Essence All About Cupcake and Natural Beauty

Everyday Essentials

Soap & Glory’s

Sugar Crush Hand Cleansing Gel £2.50

A hand gel is always handy. Whether it’s for your hands when there’s no handwash, or for a surface.

I’ve been loving the Sugar Crush scent since I got the body wash in a set for Christmas. It’s gorgeous and it’s perfect for Spring and Summer. I actually included the Body wash in my ‘Spring Edit: Skincare & Fragrance‘.

This Works

Deep Sleep Stress Less £12

As I mentioned in my Empties #1, where I reviewed this in more detail, this is handy to keep in my bag because it helps to relax me and helps send me to sleep when I’m travelling.

A bit on the wrists helps and breathing it in. On apply some to a pillow.


Lip Balm in Whipstick £6.95

I have recently written a review on this and a Lush Lip Scrub here. Dry lips are never pleasant but this lip balm really helps. I only need a little and the teeny tiny packaging is perfect for keeping in my bag.

It does add a slight tint to the lips and has a yummy chocolate orange scent. I’d love to try a fruity version of this lip balm from Lush for summer.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.

What are your favourites in your bag at the moment? What can you not leave the house without? What are you excited to use this summer?

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