who to follow

who to follow

There are so many people writing blogs and making YouTube videos that it’s easy to get lost. When you’re looking for a blog or channel it can be difficult to find who to follow. So I wanted to share people in this series that I love to follow online. Whether it’s for their blogs, or YouTube, or Podcasts.

Anna @ M.E Myself and I


 – What she’s all about –

Anna is not only an inspiring person but a lovely person. She was diagnosed M.E ( Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and started her blog to help her loved ones understand what it was like with this Invisible Illness. But that’s not all that she is. She is a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and a friend. She is funny and she generous.

I found her blog online and loved her honesty. She gives an honest picture of her life through her brilliant writing style.

Now her blog is not just read by her family and friends but by people around the world. She started #Chipper Tuesday on Instagram which showcases the silver linings on even the most difficult of days. Which many people, including me, share on their profiles.

She also created the virtual tea party Blue Sunday. This was to help raise money for the M.E Association. But now it’s growing every year and she’s been featured in the Press for her charitable efforts.

I always look forward to Anna’s next blog post and can see her Blog growing a lot more in the future.

Go check her out and say hi.


Where to find her:



Anna @ TheSlowLane_ME



Hayley @ A Better Kind


 -What she’s all about –

Hayley is Aussie Blogger and YouTuber, who shares everything Lifestyle and Beauty that’s cruelty-free and vegan. I started watching her YouTube videos back when she was Muskstick Mao. You can tell that she works hard on everything she creates.

She’s still great to watch and always shares exciting products and ideas. Just because I’m in the UK doesn’t mean that I can’t get the same products as her either.

Hayley is also incredibly honest. Whether she is on her YouTube or her Snapchat she doesn’t give you a false impression.

There’s plenty of people online giving us the impression that they and their lives are perfect. Which we all know isn’t the case and is impossible to live up to. But Hayley’s incredibly polished online presence doesn’t mask her as a person. Which I really warm to.

She has a great personality that shines through her writing and her videos. Trust me, you’ll love watching her.

If you’re not into cruelty-free or vegan don’t think she’s not for you. She doesn’t give lectures. Hayley shares ways to make it easy to be kinder to the planet. Showing that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Hayley is also a Mother, a daughter, a partner and a friend, and A Better Kind is all about empowering you to become better.

As she says;

” You are going to become a better friend, parent, consumer and roamer of this fair planet, and together, we are going to make big changes.”

I highly recommend checking her out and saying a big hello.

Where to find her:


Hayley @ABetterKind



YouTube Channel


Who do you love to follow online? Share with us all in the comments and showcase someone you think is amazing.