Empties 2 August 2016

Empties 2 August 2016

I saved some products for Empties 2 August 2016 and they are quite varied this month. From skin care to makeup and fragrance.

 Skin Care

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Dr Spot

I’m now on my second tube of Soap & Glory’s spot gel. It’s fast acting and great alone or under makeup. As long as I don’t rub it when applying makeup on top it stays put and works its magic. I love this so much that I recently included it in my Friday Faves.

I’ve tried gels that don’t do the job or that aggravate my skin. But this is my favourite at the moment and it’s easy to get a hold of.

Cleanse & Polish

It may say ‘for men’ on the packaging but the only difference to what I’ve used before is the packaging. It even costs the same to what I included in my 2015 Faves. It’s gentle yet effective. I’ve lost count how many bottles of this I’ve used over the years.

Those Lemonade Days

I’ve been using Treacle Moon shower gels for years and love the fragrance of this. It smells just like a real fresh lemonade. It’s great for Summer and lasts really well. A real bargain.

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Tea Tree

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I can’t remember how many of these I’ve used up over the years but I’ve purchased a new one before I ran out. I love it that much. I’ve tried others but this one helps battle any breakouts and helps prevent them. Leaving my skin clearer than it has been in a long time.


This was my second ever tube of this. I’ve found it is what it says. It mattifies my skin and really helps with any breakouts that I have.

I’m planning to buy another of these as it’s great during the summer. I ran out of my night spot treatment and found this was great at reducing breakouts overnight.

Pore Minimiser

Great under makeup or worn alone. A great merge between a makeup and skin care product. I reach for this when I’m having trouble with my skin and don’t want it to be aggravated by any makeup I put on.

I wrote a post about my Tea Tree Collection collection and I’ve tried eleven out of the current thirteen items in the range.


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Peach Fragrance

I bought this last Summer and it became an instant favourite. It doesn’t smell synthetic and is lovely on its own or combined with another scent such as Rain or Thunderstorm.

If you haven’t heard of Library of Fragrance before I wrote this post about them and some of the fragrances in my collection.

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Essence Stay Natural Concealer

I use this for under eye concealing. The twist up pen and brush applicator make it quick and easy to use and great for keeping in my bag .

I tried the three shades they had in the shop and thought that 3 as lighter than 1. Since I just went and bought shade 1 I am now positive. So, it might be best to go into a shop, Wilkos if you’re in The UK, to swatch them.

I’ve found that shade 3 is good for lightening and shade 1 is good at combatting darkness under the eye. The formula is the same and they last well. Although, I like to apply eye cream beforehand. As it can look dry later on.

I think it’s great for the price. But they only have four shades and they are all at the lighter end of the spectrum. Would be great if they broadened the shades.

Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat

 I have naturally weak nails and love to try products that will help to strengthen them. So, I bought this before I was ill with my kidney failure last year and when I left hospital my nails were the worst they’ve ever been. I wasn’t able to paint them any colours and had to keep them super short.

But this was amazing. My nails felt stronger and looked better when I used this and even when I removed it they were in better condition. They, of course, got better naturally as my body recovered but that took months.

It’s also great as a base coat and prevented my nails getting stained by the nail polishes. I’m itching to replace this bottle asap. But I’m also interested in trying some more of Nails Inc nail treatments.

What products have you been loving lately? Or that didn’t work for you? Any recommendations?

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