Life Lessons I learnt the hard way

Life Lessons I learnt the hard way

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know that it’s my Birthday week. I don’t know about you but I find the personal New Year a time to reflect a little on where I was this time last year. It’s great this year, but it hasn’t always been the nicest comparison truth be told. But it’s great this year.

So, when thinking about a post for this week it seemed fitting that it be this one. Here are 4 Life Lessons I learnt the hard way.

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Health is Everything

The last few years have been difficult. Going from full health to no health is a shock to the system. Not just to yourself when you can’t do anything you used to do without a seconds thought, but to those around you.

Those things you were so frightened of before don’t appear so big and scary anymore and the little things become the most important. Health is something I didn’t use to think about very much. I just took it for granted to be honest. But when you haven’t had it you’re excited to have it back again and want to look after it and keep it for as long as possible.

My period of poor health was no fault of mine own. But it happens to all of us at some point. So, now instead of taking it for granted I’m valuing it.

Listen to your heart. Your Head can lie to you

I went through a phase of following my head over my heart. This isn’t always a bad thing. But linked with the next thing I talk about, it stopped me from doing what I really wanted to do. I stuck with things that made me unhappy because I thought it was the best thing in the long run or it was the sensible thing to do and didn’t jump in head first when it would make me happy.

So, now I go with my heart and take my head with me.

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Worry is a Waste of Time

Besides the fact that worry and stress can make you physically sick it’s also a massive waste of time. It can stop you doing things that you really want to do.

You can’t always stop being worried about something. But I’ve learnt that I feel better when I don’t let my mind linger on the worry and cause anxiety. I try to find something else to keep my mind occupied if there’s nothing I can do about the thing I’m worried about. If I can do something, then I do it as soon as possible and I feel much better for it. As well as getting a lot more done.

Life Doesn’t Care About Your Plans. Do It Anyway

Life happens. It throws things at you that you didn’t expect or plan for. There are loads of common phrases for this. Such as, “Life is short”and “You never know”.

Hence, why now is the best time to do what’s important. Someday is far off into the future but you can do something with today.

What are some of the important life lessons you’ve learnt?