Simple DIY to Upcycle my Storage Boxes

Simple DIY to Upcycle my Storage Boxes

Bored with these brown boxes that are a gazillion years old (okay, I exaggerate) I wanted a change. But thinking of the environment I didn’t want to throw them away to end up in a landfill or the recycling centre. Nor did I want to donate them only to have to buy new storage boxes. It just didn’t make sense when I could affordably turn them from drab to fab and The Simple DIY to Upcycle my Storage Boxes.

I filmed my attempt to do this on my Snapchat, so please forgive how raw it is. But I wanted to show you the before and the after.

I used the D-C-Fix Marmi Marble Effect Grey Self Adhesive Film (Length 2m, Width 68cm) for £6 a roll from B&Q here and a pair of scissors.  As the back of the adhesive has grid markings making it easier to cut a straight line. Or as straight as possible anyway ( I may have slipped once or twice). Then once I’d decided where it would go I attached the adhesive and smoothed out any air bubbles.

They look great now and better than the dark and dreary brown effect that I’d become bored with. As this is a few weeks ago now I can report that it’s wearing really well too. I’d definitely do this again with something else. Especially as I’m trying to minimise the amount that I throw away.

Let me know how you feel amount me adding videos (of better quality) into posts in the future.

What do you think? Have you renewed something? What did you use?