Jason and The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar & Round Tin

Jason and The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar & Round Tin

I am constantly looking for ways to reduce waste for the environment. So, I have started looking for great eco-friendly (as well as cruelty-free) replacements. Which led me to Lush and their shampoo bars. I had never tried one before and after going into the store to look at them decided to buy Jason and The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar & Round Tin to store it in. As this container is reusable and recyclable.


Jason & The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

There were a lot to choose from and decided to go with this as I thought it would be kind to my ‘post-kidney failure’ hair. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the guy who served me, Steve, gave me a tip and I should use it and keep it in the lid, as I could then hold the lid when using it. This worked and it hasn’t fallen out of my hand once.

The first impression was the colour and the second was the smell. Lush say’s that it’s a Rose Jam-scented bar, but I didn’t get that. However, if you love Lush’s other Rose Jam-scented products you may love this. Some of its ingredients include rose oil, citronellol, lemon oil and geranium oil. Which does give it a floral-like smell but to me, it gave off the cleansing scent of soap. Which I liked as it wasn’t at all offensive. The fragrance doesn’t fill the shower when I’m using it and I can’t smell it when I’ve dried my hair either which is great.

It promises ‘stronger shinier, softer hair’. Stating that the ‘Argan oil is combined with glycerine to give your hair touchable softness and lustrous shine.’

Was it worth the purchase?

From the first time I used it, my hair felt lovely and clean and I was surprised by how much it lathers up. Making it really easy to use and the bar barely looks touched considering that I’ve been washing my hair with it for a couple of weeks now. Which I love because it shows that it’ll last a long time and be great when my hair is its usual thickness. I used to have to use a lot of product because it was so thick. So, I’ll be excited to use this in the future to use less product.


The softness and lustrous shine will hopefully come when my hair has grown back properly. (Recent PostMy Hair Care After My Hair Loss). But my hair doesn feel nice when it’s been styled. I’m really glad I bought this and am excited to try out more of their shampoo bars and try their conditioner bars.

The Round Tin

The Round Tin is great to store the shampoo bar in and keep it dry. It’s also very sturdy so I’m glad I picked this up. Not only for if I want to take it with me when I travel. But because I can store it in my bathroom cabinet and there’s not wasteful packaging.

Do you have a waste-less beauty product you’d recommend? Have you tried Lush’s shampoo bars before? What’s your favourite? 

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