Mally Good Life Collection Review

Mally Good Life Collection Review

In May I ordered the Mally The Good Life Collection. It was the TSV on QVC and I was still so happy and excited about the first collection I’d bought and reviewed, The Barely There Collection, that I couldn’t help myself.

Mally Good Life Collection Review - 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation in Light -

4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation

Available in 5 shades I bought the Light shade, hoping that it would be the same as the foundation I got in the Barely There Collection, and it was. Which I was really pleased with. I love the packaging as well. The little compact has a great sized mirror and Mally’s embossed signature is a really sweet touch.
What I noticed first when I went to use it for the first time was how finely-milled it is. I have to be so careful to use a very light hand when picking the product up on the brush and a little goes a long way. I’d say that it’s a light to medium coverage foundation and great at evening out my skin tone.
It’s so lightweight that it’s easy to forget I’m wearing it and it looks very natural. Not like I’m wearing powder. It feels quite moisturising and doesn’t dry out my skin. That could be the Coconut oil in it. I’ve also been using it for extra coverage over BB Creams this summer or to set my makeup as I love it’s natural looking finish.
I have liked to touch up now and then on the typical areas such as my chin or nose. Which can look red throughout the day, but even with my oily skin type, it lasts quite well. I think I’ll like it more in the Winter as my skin becomes drier.

Mally Good Life

New Foundation Brush

This synthetic brush is great with this finely-milled powder. I tried a few of my other brushes but I had to work a little harder to get the same result. So, I went straight back to only using this with it. It’s really soft, comfortable to use and washes up really well.

Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer

I’ve found that I’m currently running low on this Primer and the one I got in the Barely There Collection. I wear them both with every other foundation and bb cream I have.

This feels lovely on the skin, almost like a gel moisturiser, and helps to even things out a bit before applying any base or concealer. Making it easier and take less effort to cover up any redness or dark circles.

I’m not a fan of silicone and oily feeling primers and neither of the Primers that I’ve tried from Mally are. They feel like skin care rather than makeup and make the application process afterwards easier and look better.

I’m always looking to repurchase this when it’s empty.

Mally The Good Life Collection Review - Eye Products -

Volumizing Mascara

I like a mascara to give me both length and volume and this one is my favourite for that. As it’s not waterproof I do apply a thin coat of a great waterproof mascara first as a primer. Then I apply two or three coats of this on top and love the length it gives my lashes.

They look natural and fluttery. Like the lashes, I wish I had naturally.

I’d love to try Mally’s waterproof version of this mascara in the future. As the plush brush doesn’t leave me with any clumps so I’m hoping that would give me the same effect without having to use a primer first.

I tried this in my previous Mally review without a primer and it lasted really well. So, if you aren’t like and have to use waterproof mascara to not look like a panda five minutes after applying my makeup this might be really great for you.

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner

Eyeliner is another area where I struggle for longevity. Even when they’ve said waterproof I’ve had some smudge on me all day. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this.

But I was pleasantly surprised. I use this a lot with a fine brush to line my eyes and not only is the colour gorgeous, but it sets really quickly and lasts all day until I choose to remove it. It’s brilliant! They say on the website that it sets in 30 seconds and I can believe that.

The reason I was pleasantly surprised, was because the formula is really creamy and smooth. Which makes it really easy to use and I wondered if that might mean that it would smudge on my oily skin. But it hasn’t smudged on me once.

It’s incredibly pigmented and a little goes a long way. So, I can’t see this running out very soon.

Shadow Stick Extra

Available in 15 shades you could create so many different eye looks with these. Including these two, I now have three and use them all for one eye look or just one of them all over the lid.

They’re smooth, long-wearing and you get a load of product for your money. I’ve not had any of them break or snap on me and the packaging not only looks very elegant but is functional. Making these great for travel or just keeping in your bag for a day to night look.

With my skin type, I like to wear a primer underneath to prolong the look and wear of them. They do set quickly and wear well. I ‘ve not had them smudge on me, I just like the safeguard of a primer with my oily skin.

Mally The Good Life Collection Review - Ultimate Performance Shellac in Cherry Blossom -

Ultimate Performance Shellac

I am not a lover of lip glosses or some liquid lipsticks. I got fed up with the stickiness of them and I found them uncomfortable to wear. Some liquid lipsticks would be too liquidy and smear or bleed. So, I wasn’t sure how I’d respond to this.

It’s a game changer!

I love how well this wears and how comfortable it is to wear. But it’s also incredibly shiny and easy to apply. The first time I wore it I admittedly applied too much. You only need to apply a thin layer as it’s so opaque and pigmented.

It feels really moisturising and even after eating and drinking it hasn’t smudged or moved on me. The wear is even and the flat wand makes it easy to apply a thin layer.

I paid over £40 for it but the Foundation is now on QVC’s site for £29 and the Primer is currently £27 to buy alone. So, I thought it was a great deal and opportunity to try more of Mally’s products.

If you’re in the US you can find out more on her website here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this collection myself. I am not affiliated with Mally or QVC. All opinions stated are my own and as always 100% honest. Full disclaimer available here.