Budget Beauty Buys Essence Cosmetics

Budget Beauty Buys Essence Cosmetics

I popped into Wilkinsons last week and found myself going over the Essence Cosmetics stand…again. I’ve found some great products for very little money from Essence and wanted to try some more. Especially a base and a mascara as I hadn’t tried those before from Essence.

The Camouflage 2 in 1 Makeup & Concealer is brand new and appealed to me with the words ‘high coverage’. As I’ve found it difficult to get a budget high coverage foundation that does a good job. The ‘long-lasting’ statement made me wonder if this could be a cruelty-free, budget dupe of the Revlon Colorstay. As this is only £3.80 compared to the colorstay’s £12.99 price tag.

There are only three shades at the moment so I got the fairest shade. It’s great for the fairest skin tones and even a little too pale for me. So, I was warming it up with bronzer and other bb creams to create a better match.

It’s definitely high coverage but it can be sheered out by using less product. It recommends using a sponge to apply it but I found it sucked up all the product and I got less coverage using more product. So, I didn’t do this again. My favourite way to apply it is with a brush or my fingers.

My favourite way to apply it is with a brush or my fingers. The warmth of your skin really helps this melt into the skin. It sets quite quickly so there isn’t long to work with it. The finish is quite matte and it wears evenly. Without a primer underneath (or moisturiser), it can get drier as it wears throughout the day.  But as I always use moisturiser and/or primer this wasn’t a problem for me.

The consistency is on the thicker side meaning you don’t have to use a lot to get the coverage you want. But I have also been using a concealer on top for areas like my under eyes so it is possible to layer it. It’s not a perfect dupe for the colorstay as it doesn’t last as long on me. But I an live with that.

(Updated 19 Oct 2016) I have since tried mixing it with other bb creams to boost the coverage and it works a treat. However, since the weather has turned colder and my skin dryer it doesn’t wear well on me throughout the day.

This is definitely something I’d have loved when my skin was very oily all year round. But if you have dry or mature skin I wouldn’t recommend it.

It would be great if they broadened their shade range beyond the three that they have, though.

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Waterproof mascara for me is a must. Even if it’s to coat or prime for another mascara that isn’t waterproof to try and lock it onto my lashes.  The £2.50 Big Lashes Volume Waterproof Mascara promises no smudging and plenty of volume.

My first impression was how big the packaging and the brush was. It fits nicely in the hand and it easy to use but I do have to be careful when applying it to my short and stubby lashes. Otherwise, I could get it on my eyelid.

As long as the makeup I’m wearing under my eyes is set it lasts all day without any smudging. Leaving me panda eye free. Big thumbs up! Plus, it comes off at the end of the day easily with a little coconut oil.

I don’t have to layer the mascara and pack on lots of product either to achieve the longer more voluminous lashes I’m looking for. There’s no clumping or removing loads of product from the brush either before I’m able to use it.

Budget Beauty Buys Essence Cosmetics-get-big-lashes-volume-waterproof-mascara-lifebeautylens-com

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