Simple Hygge on a Budget

Simple Hygge on a Budget

When it’s getting closer to Christmas and it’s bitterly cold outside, it’s nice to have a cosy winter night in. Especially, if it’s snowed and you don’t fancy going out somewhere that night. It can feel like a real treat. Almost as if you’re in a cosy mountain lodge surrounded by snowy mountains and an easy way to enjoy Simple Hygge on a Budget.

You can make this a friends night in and spend some time with those who are important to you. Or just have a solo night and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation.

The great thing about it is that you can wear whatever you want. You can treat your skin to a face mask that you’d otherwise not have time for and paint your nails with the intention of not doing anything to mess them up. I am terrible at this. I always think they’re dry and then knock my nails on a door frame or something and mess them up. So, doing them on this sort of night is perfect. Particularly when you’ve come in from the cold.

Before the nail polish, though there’s some cosy winter night in essentials to arrange. The Preparation, Nourishment, Activity and the Setting.

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Have a luxurious bath or shower and treat your skin to your favourite body butter. I love Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter. It smells lovely and is great for soothing winter skin.

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Make yourself your favourite drink and some yummy snacks. A hot chocolate always feels like a real treat. If you’re spending time with friends, bring out a tray with a make your own hot chocolate (or cocktail) and an array of sweet and savoury treats.


Treat yourself to a face mask while watching a box set or your favourite movie. The one thing I keep going back to is The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask (Post: Tree Tree Collection).

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This is the perfect time to catch up on those things that you don’t always have enough time to do. Such as reading that book.

The Setting


Grab that cosy jumper or fluffy blanket and get settled into a cosy nook. Burning a seasonal candle and playing music is great for a relaxing night in. Whether you’re on your own or with friends.

What’s your ideal cosy night in? Which movie or box set would you watch?