Life Beauty Lens Turns 1 Yr Old

Life Beauty Lens Turns 1 Yr Old

Life Beauty Lens Turns 1 Yr Old. I can hardly believe it has been that long. So much has happened in only twelve months, yet it has flown by.

To celebrate the blog turning One Year Old today, I wanted to go back over its first year and share some of my favourite moments. As well as what’s changed during that time and what I’m excited for in the future.

What’s happened…

Soon after starting the site I started the Instagram Diary series. Where I share the going’s on from my Instagram account. As I don’t always write about everything that I’ve shared on my Instagram and really enjoy looking back over what happened and see what has changed.

I’ve made some lovely friends through blogging and would love to meet up with some of them at some point. As well as writing to them more.

My hair has grown back enough for me to fulfil a promise to myself and I finally started YouTube. So, far I’ve uploaded ‘10 Random Facts About Me‘ and my ‘February Beauty Faves‘.

I’m currently planning to film a lifestyle video and also an exciting unboxing.

One of the friends I’ve made online is Hayley from who is also on YouTube. We’ve sent each other a parcel of goodies and will both be filming ourselves opening them soon.

I’ve also become more concerned with eco-friendliness. Lack of plastic packaging for example and would like to add more natural and eco-friendly products to my daily routine. As well as learning more about being cruelty-free as I’ve gone along.

What about the year ahead?

Currently, my plans are to post a new video every Thursday, with a linked blog post on the same day. While publishing a new blog post every Sunday.

So, far so good. I’m hoping I can get ahead of myself a little bit so that when I get the date for my operation that I can schedule a few things in advance while I recover.

I’ll let you know when I do.

I’d love to travel more this year as well. Pushing myself more and doing things I’ve wanted to do for ages. But like I said before. Once the op is over and done with.

I’d like to thank you so much for your support and I’m excited for the year to come.

What have you loved from the past year and what are you excited about for the year to come?

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