Instagram Diary Oct Nov Dec 2016

Instagram Diary Oct Nov Dec 2016

I know this post, Instagram Diary Oct Nov Dec 2016, is long overdue. But after starting YouTube, I found out I had to have surgery. So, I was trying to prepare for a few weeks out of action. But didn’t realise quite how long that would be. I hope you don’t mind that I collated the three months together in this and the next post. As I thought it might be an easier read than writing about them individually, as I did before.

Let me know what you think of the new format. Although, you might want to read this one with a cosy cuppa.

I wrote about how I was doing when I returned home (Read More… Update Where Did I Go?).  It’s been nearly two months since my surgery and I’m starting to get back into blogging. I’m also planning YouTube videos to film for you very very soon.

Things were changing…

Sep 30 - Oct 12th - Instagram Diary - Oct - Nov - Dec - 2016 -

30th September until Oct 12th

This was a busy week.

I needed some new bookmarks, as I was reading a few different books. In an effort to renew, reuse, recycle, and make some instead.

I did this with some washi tape I had lying around and cut come cardboard packing that was already heading for the recycling. It was incredibly quick and easy and I didn’t have to spend a penny as I already had everything I needed. They do they job perfectly.

There were quite a few published posts this week;

5 Great Movies Based on Real People

 Budget Beauty Buys: Essence Cosmetics

Autumn Edit: Beauty

Autumn Edit: Nails

I also watched The Incredible Burt Wonderstone for the first time. When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t sure it’d be my kind of thing. But I actually really enjoyed it.

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Burt Wonderstone Trailer

Haunted Giant…

14th - 24th October 2016 - Instagram - Diary - Oct - Nov - Dec -

14th until 24th October 2016

This week I had a bad cold I was trying to get over. So, was treating myself to a couple of coffees. Plus, I drove myself in the car again for the first time in four years. Which I was very happy about. It had been too long.

I’d also been reading a few books, curled up under a blanket with hot drinks and watching movies. It was great!

As Halloween was coming up, I thought it would be a great time to post 5 Great Vampire Movies. As there are some classics I had to share. As well as the timely Instagram Diary: September 2016. That was a great month as well.

I’d been looking up gift ideas for Christmas, as I had some time on my hands and found a few things. Hence, the ‘Excellent’ Mr Burns and the Writer’s mug. That’d be great to drink from while writing.

There was a picture I saw on Instagram, where you use two letters to select a word and name your Game of Thrones sword. I couldn’t resist.

Mine turned out to be Haunted Giant. What would yours be named? Find the Pic on my Instagram here.

Unexpected News…

25th October - 5th November 2016 - Instagram - Diary - Oct - Nov - Dec - 2016 -

25th October until 5th November

This was the week that I found out I needed to have a big surgery. I’d gone into the hospital knowing it was possible but had been hoping it wasn’t the case. By this point, I’d had enough of hospitals and Doctors. I was looking forward to not seeing either for a while. But needs must and I am now recovering from it. I’ll be having another later in the year. But I’ll save that for another day.

I also managed to condense the writings of my book. The binding clips were now massive! I’m trying to finish writing it as soon as possible. So, that I’ll be able to send it off to agents and publishers. Fingers crossed.

We gave out Chocolate eyeballs for Halloween and they were a big hit. I think we found them in TKMAXX if memory serves me.

After a long while, I finally published a profile pic on the About Me page. I was so nervous to show my face previously and still a little nervous posting it on Instagram. But have been using Snapchat and Instagram stories more often. So, I’m certain I’ll post more pics of myself in the future.

When I looked like Bashful…

November 10th - 24th 2016 - Instagram - Diary - Oct - Nov - Dec - 2016 -

10th until 24th November 2016

I tried a new face mask.  After I washed it off, my skin turned red. Just like Bashful. Not my best look. I spent the rest of the day indoors with a thick cream on my face, which seemed to do the trick. I’ll be more careful in future.

As it was the 5th November, I had to post a fireworks gif (Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night) and I shared a review I wrote about some W7 makeup I picked up.

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That marshmallow, by the way, is massive. It was the biggest I’d ever seen. That was the week my amazing friend Rachel was in a magazine. She has kicked Inflammatory Breast Cancer’s backside and was sharing her story.

It’s incredibly rare and aggressive. Neither of us knew of the symptoms before she was diagnosed. So, please check them out and look after yourself.

Boob Check on Coppafeel

Getting Excited…

24th November - 3rd December 2016 - Instagram Diary 2016 - Oct - Nov - Dec -

24th November until 3rd December 2016

Autumn seemed to be in full swing this week. All the leaves were changing and the ground was covered with them. It looks so pretty.

So, as I like to do every season. I changed things up and started wearing darker and more Autumnal nail colours.

I finally watched The Revenant. While I started writing Christmas cards to send out and wrote a post about a lot of things I was excited about in 2017.

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The Hair Milestone & Preparing for Christmas…

4th - 9th December 2016 - Instagram Diary 2016 - Oct -Nov - Dec -

4th until 9th December 2016

You may be aware, that I had lost the majority of my hair due to having sepsis. Because I was so ill, my kidneys also failed. Meaning that my hair fell out. This week, I was finally able to have my hair cut and coloured a little for the first time since it fell out. My hair was nowhere where near back-to-normal. But it made me feel much better.

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Inspired by the Winter weather, I shared my recipe for A Cosy Night in from the cold. I bought some new Christmas decorations, in the form of three very heavy Marble and Gold stars. Far too heavy to hang from the tree. But they looked lovely standing up against the window.

As I’d been on Snapchat for a while and getting used to showing my face. I thought I’d show me decorating my tree for the first and wrapping some presents…

There was glitter everywhere and the tree looked completely unbalanced with baubles. But at least it gave us all a few laughs.

Weihnachten Decor…

10th - 16th December 2016 - Instagram Diary 2016 -

10th until 16th December 2016

I was enjoying the build-up to Christmas and took a few pictures of the sky. As they were looking particularly nice that week and the decorations were up. But sadly, the lights weren’t on yet.

The Messy Hot Chocolate & The Scary Man…

16th - 23rd December 2016 - Instagram Diary 2016 - Oct Nov Dec -

16th until 23rd December 2016

I was really looking forward to this week. The run-up to Christmas and I was going to meet up with a friend.

We met up for Hot Chocolate and to exchange gifts in time for Christmas. It was really busy as there were a lot of people out buying last-minute gifts.

We both had Hot Chocolates. But my friend Laura (If you saw my 10 Random Facts About Me, you’ll know I have a lot of friends with the same name as me.) had cream on hers. It melted really quickly and made a right mess. So, we had a great time and a giggle.

On the way back to the car, we stopped to take a photo of the Christmas Tree in town. Then went our separate ways and I walked alone back to the car. Although it was dark there were loads of people about. So, I felt safe enough. Till I saw a man standing alone and looking a little shifty. As I had to walk past him I tried to keep my distance, but he made his way over to me quickly and tried to either grab me, my bag, or the bag with gifts from Laura. I was absolutely fine. But it did spook me a little at the time.

It was nice to see the Christmas decorations up and the lights on. Really made it feel Christmasy at last. So, of course, I had to post about some of the films I loved watching at Christmas. I also wrote a post inspired by one I read my Sian Blogs (From @AFilmClub)

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Christmas Week…

23rd - 27th December 2016 - Instagram Diary 2016 - Oct Nov Dec -

23rd until 27th December 2016

Finally, it was Christmas! Lots of food, sparkling drinks, shimmery nails and Christmas decorations.

Sadly, this was the same week Carrie Fisher passed away suddenly. Which, was a real shock.

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The Round-Up…

31st December 2016 - Instagram Diary 2016 - Oct Nov Dec -

31st December 2016

On the last day of 2016, I decided to post a round-up of the year. Including, some popular posts and photos. It had been a very mixed, yet positive year and I was really looking forward to what may come in 2017.

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How were you at the end of the year? What did you get up to at Christmas? I hope you had a great New Years.