Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017

If you caught my previous post, you’ll already know why Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 is a little late. If not, you can discover for yourself in this post. Where I talk about the very reason. It’s been a busy start to the year!

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A New Year…

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 - 1 -

1st – 11th January 2017

New Year, new start and I was trying to get back into reading something new. I started reading ‘The Ashes of London’, and I’ll have to start it again properly. As I am sure I’ve forgotten things about the story since I had surgery. I was actually reading it when I posted the photo while in the hospital waiting to find out about the surgery. Plus, as I’m writing this I’ve started Moby Dick for a book club I’ve joined.

This week mostly focussed on sorting things out for the new year and taking down the Christmas decorations. As well as trying out some of the lovely polishes my friend had given me from M&S. There were so many colours to choose from. I also posted about what had been the most popular on the blog.

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Books & Buildings…

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 - 2 -

12th – 25th January 2017

I’d discovered a new favourite chocolate treat this week. It was probably inspired by the Christmas period and those wafer thin mints.

I’d bought a calendar from Typo and loved the travel theme as that’s what I want to be doing again very soon. But until then, I was appreciating the myriad of architecture we have here in the UK.

2016 faves

I posted about a few beauty favourites. As I was using two of everything at that time. Two concealers, two bases, two mascaras. I’ve done it before in the past and it really helps make an iffy product work for me when I need it to.

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Since I’ve focussed on learning German, I wanted to start improving my reading and bought a couple of books. Andre Klein’s ‘Karnival in Koln’ is a workbook and the Alice in Wonderland is a dual language book. I almost finished ‘Karnival in Koln’ while in the hospital for a week. Managing to pleasantly surprise myself at how much I actually knew.

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Big News…

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 - 3 -

This week I made an announcement that I was starting a YouTube channel. I had wanted to do this for a long time and decided to fulfil a promise to myself, that I mention in my first video. The lights were on their way to help with the dark winter days and I bought a couple of cushions to help with the initial background.

Sadly, it was also the week that John Hurt died. He was an incredible actor and it was really unexpected. It was a sad day when he went.

I had been trying some new products out and found another Dr Botanicals product that I was loving and a lovely gift idea. Especially, during the cold winter months. I was given the Lip Balm kit as a gift and really enjoyed making it.

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As I was still waiting for the hospital date to come through, I wanted to make a list of things I wanted to do once I was able to. One being, to go to Germany for a month or so and do a course there.

Out & About…

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 - 4 -

4th – 19th February 2017

February’s calendar photo was of Berlin. Somewhere I’ll have to return to someday soon. A few days there isn’t enough.

I was really busy this week trying to set up the YouTube channel and begin filming. As well as meeting a friend and trying out my favourite blue nail polish of the moment.

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Finally, after being unable to see Hamlet the year before (due to sepsis) I went to see it at the Almeida on opening night. After dinner and drinks at the Gilbert Scott. A gorgeous building and delicious food and cocktails. The production was fantastic. I’d have gone back to see it the next night.

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The Beginnings…

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 -5 -

21st February – 4th March 2017

Almost a year after starting this blog, the YouTube channel finally went live with my first video. I was so nervous to press publish. But received a lot of support and really lovely comments. They mean a lot to me.

I’d created a schedule of posting a video and a blog post each week and was managing to keep it up. I was really enjoying it.

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Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 - 6 -

4th – 20th March 2017

There has been a lot in the media about sepsis recently. I had no idea what it was or what the symptoms were until I’d left the hospital. Even this poster could have helped me know the signs sooner and perhaps prevent my organs starting to fail. So, I’m glad the information is getting out there more.

Several years ago, I was given an urn to save money in and then smash years later. So, I decided it was time. I had completely forgotten that there was a little slip of paper in there with what you wanted to have done by the time you smashed the urn.

I was pleased to be able to say that I had done both. Graduated uni and had successful laser eye surgery.

My friend Hayley from Oz is a YouTuber/Blogger and we exchanged parcels of goodies to film an unboxing. Her parcel arrived and as you’ll probably see in the video, I was so excited that I made a right mess with her wrapping paper.

Those pineapple sweets were delicious!

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As if I knew that the phone call about my surgery being only a week away, I posted Thing I couldn’t wait for in 2017.

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This meant that I’d be out-of-action for an unknown amount of time. As it was a big surgery and I’d be unable to move very much for a long time. Let alone write posts and film YouTube videos. Which was a real shame. As I had just gotten into the swing of things and enjoying the whole process.

My Surgery…

Instagram Diary Jan Feb March 2017 - 7 -

22nd – 30th March 2017

Surgery day approached and I mentioned it and why there’d be no new videos for a while in my Empties video. The last two video weren’t a structured as my previous videos. I was trying to get them filmed and edited before I went to the hospital. So, they’d at least go live while I was unable to film or edit.

I also scheduled some blog posts to go live for the next couple of weeks. Including, the start of a new series. As I love Film and TV and want to start doing more posts/videos like this in the future.

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When I was able to, I took a little pic of the end of my hospital bed. Just to say that the surgery had gone well. But I didn’t post much from the hospital as I wasn’t up to it. I wanted to spare you from pics of me or the hospital food.

When I was able to leave, I was still in a lot of pain, even on all the masses of medication they’d given me. But I was so happy to be home.

I caught up on the Girls episode I’d missed and seen the Pineapple top Marnie was wearing and loved it. As I was going to be wearing baggy clothes for a long time, there wasn’t any point in ordering it online. But I looked forward to when I’d be able to wear normal clothes again.

How was your start to the year? What are you looking forward to this year?