Watched This Week June 2017

Watched This Week June 2017

I’m back with a new Watched This Week. You seemed to really like the first one. So, I think I’ll be making this a frequent fixture. Since I had my surgery, I’ve been watching a lot more film and tv. Box sets have been great to watch when you’re not able to move very much. These were the standouts this week in film and tv. Including, a new favourite!

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Twin Peaks

“It’s a delicious cocktail.”.

Ever since I started watching the first series, I’ve been hooked. The show is incredible. It’s binge-worthy goodness. It doesn’t quite fit into a genre box and I like that about it. I made sure I didn’t know much about it before I started watching it. All I knew was that it was about a mysterious murder.

It’s so much more.

It’s dark. Sometimes very dark. But it’s also funny, sweet, heartwarming, realistic and also surreal. There are so many endearing characters and threads in the story. It’s a delicious cocktail.

It’s become a firm favourite show and I’m looking forward to seeing where it’s going. I’ve also seen the trailer for the film they made after the second series and would really like to see that. I’ll have to find a copy somewhere.

Blind Date

When shows like First Dates and nostalgia are popular, it makes sense that they bring back Blind Date.

So far I’ve seen the first two episodes and loving Paul O’Grady at the helm. Watching it really took me back, whilst also being very current.

Looking forward to next weeks episode.


I.Love.This.Show. I’ve loved it since the first scene of the first episode of the first series. One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t matter if you know a lot about the history or nothing at all. You can still enjoy it.

It’s opulent and filled with a plethora of complex characters and compelling storylines. Twisting and turning with delicious intrigue.

This series didn’t disappoint but upped the ante. Ending with a fantastic finale that was satisfying, yet still left me wanting more.


The Trust

You start watching a dark comedy and somewhere it takes a dramatic turn. But as I don’t like to dish spoilers, I’ll leave it for you to discover for yourself.

I really like how Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood’s characters play off each other throughout. They appeared to be one thing at the onset. But as the story develops, their characters reveal more about themselves and my view of them changed.

It’s a lovely character-based film with a lot of laughs.

New Favourite


Another opulent and addictive show. TV is so good at the moment!

 Of course, I wanted to know what happened. Of course, I loved the gorgeous scenery and the fashion. But it was definitely the characters and the story that kept me watching in bulk.

The story developed so much within each episode, that it made me question every character’s motives. Getting darker as it delves into the mystery of what happened and the truths behind the Clios family.

 Another show that was perfect for the smaller screen. Rather than being condensed for the Silver screen. The entire cast and production are excellent. I highly recommend you see it if you haven’t already.


What have you been watching this week? Have you seen any of the shows or films I’ve mentioned? What shows do love to binge watch?