Time for a Change

Time for a Change

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you may be aware that I had a pause in uploads over the last four months. Now I’m back, I wanted to let you know why I’ve been MIA and the future of the blog and YouTube channel. Because I feel… it’s Time for a Change.

I explain some of it in the attached video Update below. But there’s so much I want to do, that I felt it was only fair and proper to write a post about it all.

Why the change?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Before the surgery and enforced hiatus.

I have so many interests, that squashing myself into a little box has become stifling. I second guess myself of what I want to be posting and there are things I’m talking about IRL that I’m not sharing with you. So, things are going to change.

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What you’ll be seeing

I’ve become increasingly more concerned over the last few years about my impact on the environment. For one example, Plastic Pollution.

As I’m trying to find ways to continually reduce this impact, I want to share that journey with you.


Whether that’s;

finding great lifestyle products and hacks,


Simple DIY’s in an effort to REUSE, REPURPOSE & RECYCLE.

I’m also planning on filming Vlogs when I go travelling around. Plus, anything else that crops up. Afterall, this isn’t about being cooped up in a box. But having fun with it!


So far, I’ve been sharing cruelty-free beauty products with you on the blog and YouTube channel.


However, I am going to be delving deeper into the NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY BEAUTY realm.

Looking on the list of ingredients on makeup and skin care makes me more uncomfortable nowadays. Especially, with all the research coming out about certain chemicals and how they affect our health.

I’ve already started reviewing natural beauty products, and I’ll be doing more of that in the future. Including, trying to make my own from scratch.

That should be interesting.

You may be wondering what I mean by eco-friendly beauty…

By this I mean, looking at the packaging and the plastics in the products themselves.

It all stems from me not wanting to have lots of plastic sitting my cupboard. Or nasty chemicals in the things I put on my face every day.



There are lots of posts on here about film and TV and I want to do more. I’m still working out how I’ll do this on the YouTube channel. But I’m planning on making more film and tv related content on there as well.

But that’s not all…

There’ll also be content relating to; Games, Books, etc.

If you blog or make YouTube videos about Film & TV, I’ve also created a group Film & TV Blogging Pinterest Board. If you’d like to join, let me know.


The Scheduling

There won’t be a schedule set in stone for a bit. Unlike before my surgery. This also because I have a lot going for the rest of the year and I don’t want to make promises when I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep them.

When I do upload videos, it’ll be on Sundays.

Blog posts will be when ever. I’m going to try to get up at least one, a week. But there may even be two!

I know this isn’t what you’re supposed to do as a blogger or YouTuber. Or, what I was doing before my surgery. I was very good with scheduling my posts and videos on certain days.

But I’m hoping that once everything has settled down after my second surgery, that I’ll be able to get back to that. I’d like to thank you for your understanding.


Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions, things you’d like to see or things you recommend I try, make sure to leave a comment or let me know on social media.

UPDATE: Where did I go? Things are changing…

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Full Disclaimer available here.