Update: Using Commun.it to Manage my Instagram

Update: Using Commun.it to Manage my Instagram

As promised in the previous post in this series, Growing and Managing my Instagram with Commun.it, I’m back! With an update on how I found Using Commun.it to Manage my Instagram.

You can also add your facebook profile on there.

Trialing the Business Account

The first day that I had the Business account, I set up the Instagram Dashboard. To go alongside the Twitter Dashboard I already had. It was simple and easy to use.

Enabling me to see who had followed, who had unfollowed and other analytics very easily. I actually found the fact that I could see those people who had not been on Instagram for Months and sometimes a year.

People I was still following and not engaging with. The Dashboard meant I could check these profiles, and follow from Commun.it and not have to worry about having multiple tabs open.

Dashboard for Instagram - Growing and Managing my Instagram with Commun.it - LifeBeautyLens.com

Since then, I have been keeping tabs on my following. As well as the suggestions it gives of people I might want to follow, unfollow and like the pics I’ve missed. In fact, the comments I’ve missed!

There is even a hashtag search, which is really helpful. I’ve grown my following by finding the more relevant hashtags.

I really liked this from the off. As the Instagram Algorithm hasn’t been a bit of a nightmare lately.

I’m still enjoying the Twitter Dashboard as well. Because of the same reason I’ve enjoyed the Instagram one. Especially, as I can from there for the best time.

Final Thoughts

Using Commun.it to Manage my Instagram

Overall, it’s been taking the leg work out of managing my accounts and helped me find ways to increase my following. If I had a very large following or multiple social media profiles, I would definitely find this more beneficial to manage my Social Media.

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