My Autumn Writing Essentials

My Autumn Writing Essentials

I’ve been writing a novel and recently thrown myself into finishing it. Wanting to do little else and use my Autumn Writing Essentials to get into writing mode and stay there comfortably.

Of course, I write anywhere. But, I’ve found a routine and I like it. It sets me up to write and relax. Which I not only find helps with the writing process but also more enjoyable. - My Autumn Writing Essentials - Primark £1 Candle

Setting the Scene

A massive mug of tea is a must. The bigger the better. Especially, if it smells amazing. At the moment, I’ve gotten back into drinking green tea. For example, Lemon or Peach & Cherry Blossom taste great and the fragrance is relaxing and soothing.

I like to have things within reach. Leading to fewer distractions and less opportunity to lose my train of thought.

So, Lip Balm and Hand Cream are always close to hand. I’m using up the very last of my Dr Botanicals body cream at the moment as I absolutely love the scent. It’s Autumn/Winter cosy in a jar and soaks into the skin quickly.

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The Internet is great for research purposes. But, outside of that, it can be a big old distraction. There are a lot of YouTube videos to watch, status’ to check and Instagram posts to like. I sometimes listen to my Spotify playlists while writing, but still get notifications and the adverts can be annoying. So, I’ve started to listen primarily to playlists on my device and the internet off on occasion.

A current notebook is always a must. To type up ideas I had earlier, work things out on paper or make notes for later on. Pen and paper is anything but old hat. Plus, they look great! Who doesn’t love a good piece of stationery? This one, for example, is made from wood and without cutting down a single tree. - My Autumn Writing Essentials - Notebook - ecofriendly

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The only limit I have when writing is a minimum word count. I don’t implement it every day because I don’t need to every day. But on those tricky days, it’s good to have.

To finish off the Autumn/Winter set up, is making it comfortable. You don’t want to be messing about with things instead of writing. It’s getting cold now and a soft blanket or plush cushion behind you not only adds comfort, but it can make your workspace more inviting in the first place. This thin blanket adds a little something while being soft and cosy when it’s getting cold.

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What do you like to do when you’re writing? Do you have a particular place you like to write? A drink you like to have? Or music you like to play?