Why I Deleted Hundreds of My Instagram Photos

Why I Deleted Hundreds of My Instagram Photos

I’ve been looking to tidy things up on my social media recently. It all started with rearranging and organising my Pinterest Boards and once I started I didn’t want to stop. Naturally, this led to looking at my Instagram, which I’d been growing restless with. When I was pushed to finally do what I’d been afraid to do for months and Why I Deleted Hundreds of My Instagram Photos.

Yes, hundreds. Six-hundred and Seventy-three to be exact and Fifty percent of my Instagram photos.

What I Deleted

When I first started Instragram, I had a cohesive theme. It was pretty simple but it worked. Then, I found it a little limiting and decided to post with complete abandon. Whatever I wanted to post, whenever I wanted to post it. It did the trick! I felt far more creative and I thought the feed looked much more interesting and more like me.

“The fact it had lots of likes or comments didn’t mean I kept a photo I wasn’t happy with and wasn’t relevant.”.

However, when I created this blog, Life Beauty Lens, I kept everything from before. Not only were the photos with a different watermark, to a now non-existent blog, they didn’t fit with the niche I’d chosen to pursue.

However, just because they had a different watermark didn’t mean I’d delete them straight away. They had to be relevant to keep and if I did I mentioned the changes in the description for the photo. The new blog fitted within a niche. Lifestyle, Beauty (Cruelty-free & natural) and Entertainment. Hence, deleting them on an individual basis.

 So, I decided to go through nearly 1500 photos and delete anything I deemed unworthy one-by-one. This included; product photos that weren’t cruelty-free (from before I knew what that really meant), terrible photos from an old camera, and anything else that wouldn’t fit with the idea of what I wanted to end up with inside my head.

What Drove me to it

It’s been a busy year and I’ve been considering changes to the niche. Which I mentioned in my post, Time For A Change.

Finally, I decided it was time to go with my gut and move from, Lifestyle, Beauty and Entertainment, to Lifestyle & Film. Not only is it simple, but the other subjects I want to write about fit within them. Such as Cruelty-free / Natural Beauty and TV. But, I didn’t want to be a beauty blogger the majority of the time. It began to feel restrictive.

And this was the very thing that happened with my Instagram. I’d fallen victim to the pressure I was putting on myself to post more often. Everyday if possible. To the point where the theme was no longer cohesive.

Yes, I don’t have a theme that’s all white with hints of pink. Or, with a purple filter over the top. It’s quite colourful and the content is varied. Which I really like and works for me. A strict theme wouldn’t be my cup of tea. It looks great on other peoples and I follow people on Instagram that do. They’re lovely to look at. But I feel I have to do my own thing.

Why I Deleted Hundreds of My Instagram Photos - LifeBeautyLens.com - Instagram

The Pros

The great thing about going through them individually, was that I could improve the hashtags. So that it was relevant and people could find them when searching Instagram. I found photos I’d forgotten I’d posted that made me smile and was inspired by others for future blog posts.

Plus, I felt so much better after doing it.

What Now?

I won’t be obeying strict, self-given rules when it comes to posting on my Instagram. Such as how often, or at what time. In the future, perhaps, but right now I’ve got too much going on with surgeries and applying for jobs and writing my novel, and life.

So, this means I might not post every day and that’s fine. Because I don’t want to just post something because I feel that I have to. Not only because it leads to posting content I’m not happy with, but also because, there’s no fun in that. If this becomes my job then in the future I’d have a schedule and plan things well in advance etc. But for now, I just want to have fun with it.

How about you? Do you have an Instagram theme? Do you think you have to have one? 

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