Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor

Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen my board called,’Dreamy: Home Decor‘. I love the dreamy aesthetic on the board, and this Canvas Print is definitely, Pinterest-worthy. Plus, the company that makes it is eco-friendly. Making it Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor.

I’d been wanting to change the picture I had hanging on my wall for a long time and was struggling to decide what to replace it with, and I love the canvas that’s now in replaced it.

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Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor - Photowall Canvas Print with frame - Paris skyline - LifeBeautyLens.com

Photowall, a Swedish brand, contacted me and asked if I’d like to try one of their products. So, as always I looked them up and found they produced eco-friendly canvas prints and wall murals. Which I found really exciting.

As I’ve been looking at home decor recently and not bought things because they aren’t friendly to the environment or because the materials they’re made from aren’t recyclable.

As a Vi Agroforestry Corporate Partner, they plant 5,000 trees a year and as well as using biodegradable inks without any solvents, or hazardous chemicals. Producing only what’s needed and recycling any waste material. So, I thought they’d be a great fit for the blog and decided to try them out.

Paris Moments VI

They make both Wall Murals and Canvas Prints and although I love the look of their murals, I’m planning on moving in the near future and thought I’d better try the Canvas instead. I chose the Paris Moments VI print.

The process of ordering was very quick and simple. Choose the image you want, or upload one of your own. Choose the size and checkout. That part was really easy. The part where I struggled was deciding what picture to choose. Because there are just so many that I like.

Thinking about my ‘Dreamy: Home Decor‘ Pinterest board, I went with this dreamy picture of Paris over the rooftops.

Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor - Photowall Canvas Print - Packaging and delivery - LifeBeautyLens.com

When it arrived…

It arrived speedily, with notifications by email and was delivered by DPD. The packaging was great and I didn’t feel like an inch of space inside the box had been wasted. All of the packaging material was recyclable and I couldn’t wait to start putting it together.

It came with everything I needed to put the frame together and the canvas on it. I’d never done this before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

But I’m glad to say, that it was easy!

Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor - Photowall Canvas Print - Supplied fixings - LifeBeautyLens.com

Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor - Photowall Canvas Print - Putting it together - LifeBeautyLens.com

Inside the box was a sheet of simple and easy to read instructions. I think it took me about fifteen minutes to put it together with the frame. And that was only because I was double checking the instructions, taking photographs for this post, and making sure the print was lined up correctly. The next time I do this, I bet it will be an even quicker process.

As I didn’t use the screw on metal to hang it on the wall, I didn’t need to use any excess equipment. No screwdrivers. Nothing. It was great.

Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor - Photowall Canvas Print - How it looks on the back - LifeBeautyLens.com


I love the pastel colours and don’t have to worry about it being on a wall that gets a lot of Sunlight. As Photowall ensure their canvas’ are both fire-retardant and don’t fade in the Sun.

Overall, I absolutely love this canvas and the fact that I know it’s made by an eco-friendly company. They also do free UK Delivery.

I can see me ordering something else in the future. Whether it’s for myself or a gift.

The print on the canvas itself is fantastic and everything, including the frame materials, were all of a very high quality. I’d like to have a feature wall using one of their murals in the future. I keep pinning pictures of those and I think it would look gorgeous.

Photowall has been kind enough to provide my readers with a 20% Discount Code that expires on the 31st January 2018.

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*I don’t receive anything when you use the code. 

Dreamy Eco-friendly Decor - Photowall Canvas Print with frame on wall- Paris skyline - LifeBeautyLens.com


Disclaimer: The product mentioned was a PR sample. This is not a sponsored post. All links and Discount codes are just to be helpful. All opinions as always are my own. Full disclaimer available here.