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I’m Laura from old blighty (Britain/UK) and I write about Lifestyle, Cruelty-Free Beauty products, and Entertainment. Thank you for checking out this page to learn a little more about me and the blog.

I am a lover of Film, Books, Travel, Accessories, Gadgets, Learning Languages, and writing. Just to name a few.

From a story to a list I’ll enjoy writing it. I am also working hard to finish my novel and hope to get it published.

This is one of the reasons I started this blog in March 2016.

Because I love writing and it’s a great creative outlet. I’m still blogging because I enjoy the process, discovering new things and interacting with you. I’m constantly learning something new and trying to create the most positive corner of the Internet that I can.

About The Blog

 Lifestyle: Everything from 5 ways to learn a language for free and 5 Quick and Easy Snacks. To my Instagram Diaries and an eco-friendly way to update something for your home.

Beauty: I am on a mission to make my collection as Natural, Cruelty-free and as Eco-friendly as possible. Sharing reviews, favourites and seasonal edits.

Lens: Entertainment – from 5 Songs that remind me of films and 5 Great 90’s Movies. To Jim Carrey Movies that you may have missed and ‘The Woman in Black’ Live Review.

…and much more.

  If you’d like to contact me you can find all the information on my Contact Me page.

It makes my day when I receive a comment or tweet from you. If you’ve gotten this far I’d love it if you could comment where you’re from or recommend something on a blog post or via my social media.

Stay tuned for all the great things to come.